Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Ohio State University Golf Club open for anyone to play?
A: The Ohio State University Golf Club is considered a semi-private club; a person must have an affiliation with the University in order to golf here.

Q: I don’t have an affiliation with the University, how do I gain access to the course?
A: If one does not have an affiliation, they are able to gain an affiliation through the Buckeye Club. Just go to and make a $250 donation or more. When you come to check in, the golf shop staff will ask to see your donation receipt; this can come in the form of an email, Buckeye Club card, or letter received in the mail.

Q: What if I only want to play 9 holes, what is the cost?
A: Both courses only provide “access” rates, therefore, it is one flat fee per round. This covers whether you would like to play 9-hole, 14-holes, or the full 18-holes! The course does not provide 9-hole rates.

Q: My daughter/son is a student at the University and I pay tuition, does that give me an affiliation to play?
A: Unfortunately, no; the student of the university must accompany the guest if they would like to gain access to either of our courses. This includes the student making the tee time, being present at check-in, as well as accompanying them on the course. Please refer to our spectator policy for requirements.

Q: I am a former student, can I golf out there if I bring my old BuckID?
A: Unfortunately, after graduation, BuckIDs become inactive and cannot be scanned.
There are 2 requirements for former students:

  1.  A former student must have graduated from the University.
  2. The graduate must be a member of the Alumni Association.

Q: I am a graduate/alumni, but not a member of the Alumni Association, can I still golf out there?
A: One must be a member of the Alumni Association in order to gain access to the courses; proper ID will need to be shown at check in.

Q: What if I can’t find my Alumni Association card/never received one?
A: If you cannot find your Alumni Association card, or never received one, you are able to contact the Alumni Association here on campus. They are located in the Longaberger Alumni House off of Olentangy River Road. They are able to email you a confirmation “member number” to prove you are a member of the Alumni Association. If you are a recent member of the Alumni Association and have not received a card yet, a donation receipt via email will suffice.

Q: My husband/wife is an alumni, can I use my affiliation as their spouse to play?
A: Associate members/Spouse of the Alumni Association do not qualify. The alumni must accompany the guest if they would like to gain access to either of our courses. This includes the alumni making the tee time, being present at check-in, as well as accompanying them on the course. Please refer to our spectator policy for requirements.

Q: What if I do not have proper golf attire?
A: Proper golf attire must be worn at all times (this includes the off-season); no exceptions. If you are unsure about proper golf attire, please refer to the dress code. If a guest were to not wear proper golf attire, the guest must either find an outfit which adheres to the dress code or purchase attire in the golf shop; our staff would be more than happy to assist you in finding something which meets our dress code requirements! However, if proper dress cannot be accommodated, your tee time will not be held up, rather, rescheduled at a later time.

Q: I have an affiliation, can I utilize the driving range whenever I want? How much is a bucket of balls?
A: Unfortunately, our range is private to our membership only. One must be a member of The Ohio State University Golf Club in order to access any of our practice facilities. Since our range is private, we no longer sell buckets of balls.

Q: I am a non-member of the club and I have reached my 6 rounds for the season, how am I able to play more?
A: Unfortunately, the same guest may only play a total of 6 times during the golfing season (April 1 – October 31). If the guest believes they will golf more than the 6 allotted times per year, we ask them to consider joining as a member of the club. Our golf shop staff keeps track of rounds and will let you know when you have reached your 6 rounds.

Q: Am I able to purchase a gift certificate?
A: Gift certificates are available for merchandise in the golf shop, lessons, and for the restaurant. Since we are a semi-private golf club, gift certificates are not available for rounds of golf. This is because gift certificates may be purchased by a person with an affiliation, but used by a person without an affiliation.

Q: Does the golf shop offer club repair?
A: Our golf shop currently offers grip replacement and minor repair. Our staff will be happy to ship your damaged club back to the manufacturer for major repairs.

The Ohio State University Golf Club