May 29, 2001

%^$COLUMBUS, Ohio– Anthony Glass, head strength and conditioning coach for the Ohio State athletics department, recently named its first group of Buckeye student-athletes to join the Buckeye Power Club. Student-athletes gain entrance into the club by exemplifying five qualities the strength coaches look for during workouts in OSU’s weight rooms: leadership ability, work ethic, attendance, winning attitude and above average ability to follow instructions.%^$

%^$”This is the first year of the Buckeye Power Club,” Glass said. “We started the club to make everyone aware of how hard these teams are working to improve. We also wanted the athletes to take more pride in what they are doing. This is a way for the athletes to push themselves to get better.”%^$

%^$In its inaugural year, 31 student-athletes from 24 varsity teams were selected on the recommendation of the strength coach working directly with each team. After each recommendation is reviewed by all strength coaches, the winners of the award for each team earn a plaque to be hung on the wall in one of the three weight rooms used by the athletics department.%^$

%^$”The plaques we will hang for the athlete will be comprised of an 8 x 10 action photograph and the award certificate and will be displayed in the weight room that athlete uses the most during training,” Glass said. “We also will have a large plaque in all three weight rooms to list all of our Buckeye Power Club winners for all to see. We did not get to bring all of our teams into the program so next year, all 35 of our teams will have a winner.”%^$

%^$The 31 award winners are now under consideration for All-America status by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The national awards are given on a yearly basis. Recommendations are submitted at the end of January or beginning of February and the award certificates are distributed in December. The individuals recently selected from each sport are up for national consideration for the 2002 calendar year.%^$

%^$”All of the national awards are based solely on the recommendation of the strength and conditioning staff,” Glass said. “Only certified members of the NSCA can put in recommendations for an athlete’s All-American status in this program. I think we will select two or three male and two or three female athletes for the award. When the recommendation goes to the national level and there is no national selection process, those we submit are guaranteed to become an All-American in the program.”%^$

%^$Past OSU All-Americans include James `Scoonie’ Penn (Salem, Mass.), men’s basketball, Marrita Porter, (Louisville, Ky.), women’s basketball and Andre Signoretti (Manotick, Ontario), men’s ice hockey. They are joined by the 2000 class of Jaisen Freeman (Mahtomedi, Minn.), men’s ice hockey, and April Stojak (Kent, Ohio), women’s ice hockey.%^$

%^$Even if a student-athlete is not recommended for All-American status, Glass knows they are giving a better effort all around to improve their individual and team success.%^$

%^$”I think the effort our athletes are showing right now has been spectacular,” Glass said. “I honestly think that what these athletes do during strength and conditioning lays the groundwork for how well our teams are doing in competition. What the athletes have been able to accomplish in these weight rooms is really going to show in their performances next year. With the work they have put in, they are taking a step in the right direction to attaining the Sears Director’s Cup.”%^$


%^$The selections made by the strength and conditioning coaches for each team follows:%^$

%^$Baseball John Mayor & Greg Prenger%^$Basketball (M) Matt Marinchick & Zach Williams%^$Basketball (W) Tanya McClure & Jamie Lewis%^$Cheerleading (M) Paul Kraft %^$Cheerleading (W) Amy Hawkins%^$Crew Marge Gutilla & Erin Stagney%^$Fencing (M) –%^$Fencing (W) –%^$Field Hockey Allison Blanton%^$Golf (M) –%^$Golf (W) Ashley Lowery%^$Gymnastics (M) Earnest Nelson%^$Gymnastics (W) Jill Tucker%^$Ice Hockey (M) Jason Crain %^$Ice Hockey (W) Melissa Glaser%^$Lacrosse (M) Anthony Kelly & Pat Myers%^$Lacrosse (W) Trisha Miller%^$Soccer (M) Anthony Earp %^$Soccer (W) Kara Brant%^$Softball Chrissy Folwer%^$Synchronized Swimming Anna Eng%^$Swimming & Diving (M) –%^$Swimming & Diving (W) Melanie Johnson & Millie Reynolds%^$Tennis (M) Phil Metz%^$Tennis (W) Sadhaf Pervez%^$Track & Field/Cross Country (M) –%^$Track & Field/Cross Counrty (W) –%^$Rifle & Pistol — –%^$Volleyball (M) Tom Trantow%^$Volleyball (W) Suzie Stiling & Katie Virtue%^$Wrestling Tommy Rowlands%^$