October 1, 2018

One Goal: Sync Cancer


Synchronized swimming will host its 6th annual Sync Cancer Swim Event Sunday, October 7th at 10:00 a.m. The fundraiser, which falls on the same weekend as Ohio State homecoming and the program’s alumni weekend, was created to honor Emily Marsh Fleming’s battle with breast cancer. Fleming was a courageous Buckeye alum and former synchronized swimmer who lost her battle with cancer March 2014.

The team invites everyone to McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion to swim laps and raise money for cancer research for an institution close to home: The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. Participants of all abilities are encouraged to attend, participate, and donate to honor Fleming’s legacy and raise money for the cause.

Before she lost her battle, Fleming was passionate about creating an event that would support the fight against all forms of cancer. Together, Fleming and the coaching staff crafted their own version of the Pelotonia bike challenge that she loved. The event has grown tremendously since its inaugural year, and the goals have increased incrementally with each event’s success.

2016 Sync Cancer Event -- Sept. 11, 2016

The program has succeeded in raising over $33,000 in just five years. The goal for this year’s event is to register 100 people to swim one mile each. Participants are required to make a minimum donation of $25 and can recruit pledges who can serve as virtual riders as an alternative way to contribute. All of the money raised, including the registration fee, will go directly to the Team Buckeye Pelotonia’s contribution to cancer research.

The 2018-19 synchronized swimming team will be at the event to help participants count laps and perform for the crowd. Listen to a few members of the team talk about who they’ll be swimming for in the video above.

Senior Rachel Warren has felt blessed to be a part of the event during her time as a Buckeye:

“I am so happy to have been apart of this amazing tradition that has developed into a key part of our program. Sync Cancer is a special event for all attendees. I’m sad this is my last year working it, but I’m excited to come back as an alumni and participate!”

If you would like to register for or donate to the event, please click HERE.

2015 Sync Cancer Swim-a-Thon