COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State synchronized swimming team was crowned U.S. Senior National champions Saturday afternoon in front of a home crowd at McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. The Buckeyes scored 64 points for the title. 

The 27-time U.S. Collegiate champions continued their domination this season by taking the top spot in each routine they competed in Saturday.

Yuliya Maryanko collected two gold-medals, finishing first in both the solo and duet events. The freshman scored a mark of 175.6250 with her inspiring solo routine. Maryanko’s duet partner Michelle Theriault also captured a pair of gold medals. Theriault and Maryanko’s first-place duet earned a score of 173.9000.

Ohio State’s Scarlet Team was first in the team routine with a score of 173.4125. Theriault, Alex Beckett, Deborah Shim, Lauren Nicholson, Lauren Robinson, Java Nikbakht, Colleen Courtmanche and Paige Ramsey were all members of the first-place team.

Raquel Aguado, Katie LaBounty, Caitlin Hoffman, Kayley Colville, Monica Finnigan, Lara Tutton, Chelsea Aton and Liana Litsky combined for a third-place finish in the team competition with a score of 166.150.

Theriault (173.0375) and Nicholson (163.5125) also swam routines in the solo competition. They finished fifth and seventh, respectively.

Ramsey and Robinson’s duet finished with a score of 165.8500 for third. Beckett and Nikbakht’s score of 164.7875 was good for fifth.

April 14-16, 2011
2011 U.S. National Championships
McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Columbus, Ohio

High Point Team Title
Ohio State 64
Walnut Creek 45
Lindenwood 20
Austria 13
Coral Springs 12 

Solo Finals (Top 5)
Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 175.6250
Michelle Theriault (Ohio State) – 173.0375
Alexa Tchekmarev (WCA) – 171.2625
4H. Nadine Brandl (AUT) – 170.9375
Alyson Haylor (WCA) – 169.9500
Svetlana Ponkratova (CCN) – 167. 5375

Duet Finals (Top 5)
Yuliya Maryanko, Michelle Theriault (Ohio State) – 173.9000
2H. Nadine Brandl, Livia Lang (AUT) – 171.2125
Alyson Haylor, Marisa Tashima (WCA) – 168.4875
Paige Ramsey, Lauren Robinson (Ohio State) – 165.8500
Victoria Mintz, Svetlana Ponkratova (CCN) – 164.9750
Alex Beckett, Java Nikbakht (Ohio State) – 164.7875

Team Finals (Top 5)
Ohio State Scarlet (Beckett, Shim, Theriault, Nicholson, Robinson, Nikbakht, Courtmanche, Ramsey) – 173.4125
WCA (Boneburg, Carrion, Haylor, Morrice, Rothrock, Staines, Tashima, Tchekmarev) – 169.9750
Ohio State Gray (Aguado, LaBounty, Hoffman, Colville, Finnigan, Tutton, Aton, Litsky) – 166.150
LWU (Abdalazem, Burdon, Burton, Eman, Francese, Johnston, Mendez, Webb) – 166.1000
LWU (Andressen, Bertolini, Birkelo, McWhorter, Placha, Salazar, Sebring, Shoemaker) – 159.0750 

Combo Finals
WCA (Boneburg, Carrion, Golomb, Haylor, Morrice, Rothrock, Straines, Tashima) – 85.5125
CSA (Aguirre, Diaz, Faria, Gonzalez, Luzardo, Orochena, Radovanovic, Reif) – 79.4375