January 14, 2019

Ohio State Wins First Match of the New Year


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Saturday, January 12th and Sunday, January 13th

Charleston, S.C.- The Buckeyes came into the new year strong as they traveled south to compete against The Citadel. Ohio State took the win in Open with a score of 6,342 (2,211 Air; 2,026 Free; 2,105 Standard) while The Citadel, who competed with less than their complete team, had a score of 5,245 (1,990 Air; 1,351* Free; 1,904 Standard). Women’s Team Aggregate was not contested.

Two personal bests were set this past weekend, adding to the long list of team members that have set outstanding personal records this season. Emily Rust set her personal best in Standard (531), while Robbie Delagrange also set his personal best in Standard (534). Additionally, Ohio State came in hot when competing this past weekend, going 1-5 in Air Pistol and Free Pistol.

Highlights from the weekend include Senior, Anthony McCollum, taking 1st place in Free Pistol (517), Air Pistol (556), Standard Pistol (556), and 3-Gun Aggregate. Sam Gens took 2nd place in Free Pistol (510), Air Pistol (556), and 3-Gun Aggregate, while Emily Rust and Emily Nothnagle went 1-2 in Women’s Air Pistol, Sport Pistol, and 2-Gun Aggregate.


The Buckeyes return home in Columbus this weekend, Saturday, January 19th and Sunday, January 20th, as they host Navy in their second match of the new year.