Oct. 18, 2014

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J.T. Barrett, freshman quarterback
On the team’s focus
“Our focus is always to start fast and get things going. I think we executed better than in past weeks, but we can still eliminate some mistakes. I put some of that on myself.”

On developing young players
“I think it goes to show the time we devote to the younger guys and I was developed last year when I was redshirting. That preparation has helped me to get better every day.”

Jalin Marshall, freshman halfback
On the versatility of the Ohio State offense
“I credit the growth of our team towards our leaders on offense. We’re moving forward and getting better with every game. Everybody who gets the ball can make something happen.”

On playing a complete game
“I definitely think this was my most complete game. I had some catches and could return a little, too. It boosted my confidence a lot and is helping me grow.”

Ezekiel Elliott, sophomore running back
On the unselfishness of the running back unit
“We’re definitely unselfish in the backfield. We go out there and work really hard and we all deserve to get the ball. We play for each other. That’s our culture right now. We go out and work hard every week and then we reap the benefits on Saturday.”

On the win
“This was a good win. Rutgers just came off a big win defeating the team up north. We attacked this game like they were an undefeated team. We have a lot of momentum.”

Vonn Bell, sophomore safety
On the growth of the Buckeye defense
“You can see the progression of our players and see us getting takeaways and scoring. It’s very impressive this young group can understand what the coaches are telling us. We’re all in.”

Doran Grant, senior cornerback
On his interception
“By their formation, I knew it was a possibility it was coming towards me. It feels good to make the play and know what you’re doing is working. That trust is there.”

Darron Lee, freshman linebacker
On the defensive line’s execution
“Our defensive line was huge today. We played great. We knew we had to bring pressure and stop their run. We knew we had to execute and this was something Coach Meyer emphasized the past few weeks.”

On the Buckeyes’ defensive rotation
“I just have to go in and do my job. Coach is trying to implement some depth on offense. When your number is called, you just have to go make plays.”

Pat Elfein, sophomore guard
On the offensive line’s performance
“It’s what we’re supposed to do by shutting defenses down. Coach Warriner really prepared us well for this game. We came in and got the job done.”

On the play of quarterback J.T. Barrett
“He’s playing great and it’s a credit to everyone else playing well. I think he’s been playing great since he stepped in. We’re protecting him well and that gives him time to make decisions.”


Kyle Flood, Rutgers head coach
On playing Ohio State
“They have an excellent football team. I think today is a great example that when you play a really talented football team the margin of error is very small. And we just didn’t play very clean football. They certainly executed better than we did today.”

On Rutgers’ reputation in the Big Ten
“I don’t have any concern about that. I think people who have watched us play over the course of this year know that when we play well, we can compete with anybody. But if we don’t play well, unfortunately, this is the kind of game you end up in when you play really talented teams.”

David Milewski, senior defensive end
On the pace of the Ohio State offense
“We prepared for the pace in practice and they just out-executed us. We have great players, they have great players, but when you play a team like Ohio State and you don’t execute, they’ll put up 56 points on you.”

On the disappointment of the loss
“It hurts to know it was us not being as disciplined as we should be. We have to be the most prepared and most disciplined team on the field every single Saturday and if we are we can beat any team in the country. We just need to make the corrections and get better.”

Gary Nova, senior quarterback
On the Rutgers offensive performance
“I have to credit them, they played great defense. There were a lot of self-inflicted things and things we haven’t done all year we did today. When you have two good teams playing each other the margin for error is very small.”