Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the difference between the first and second half
“For us, we didn’t have the best ball movement from the offensive point of view. We also did not put enough pressure on the ball from the defensive point of view.”

On the young starters
“I really like Shavelle Little’s defensive pressure. She really has conditioned herself and plays great defense. Jantel Lavender is a really good player for us. She goes after the rebounds and has the mentality and attitude of a great rebounder.”

On Marscilla Packer
“She has always been good at the end of the shot clock. She has a quick release and knows how to use her body.”

On the team’s defense
“We were playing well except in the second half when we started allowing them to penetrate and we lost a little focus. But this game will give us a lot of opportunity to teach this team and we are happy to pick up a win against a team like Marist. They are a good team that will win a lot of games this year.”

Marscilla Packer, senior guard
On the game
“We got off to a good start and played well in the first half. There are still a lot of things we need to work on. It is great to get the win.”

On Marist’s second half comeback
“We knew that they were going to make a push and try to comeback after halftime. They played hard but we held on.”

Jantel Lavender, freshman center
On playing in her first game as a Buckeye
“It was an emotional win for our team because it was a major accomplishment to beat Marist after what happened last year. I had butterflies at first but our good start and tough defense helped me settle down.”

Shavelle Little, sophomore guard
On her defensive style
“I just try to stay in front of the ball and not let them get by me. After a while, I could tell they were getting frustrated with me but that is how I play.”

Brian Giorgis, Marist head coach
On his team
“The kids played a tremendous second half. It is easy in this building to pack it in after the first. Nikki Flores came out strong and really took it to them. This proved last year wasn’t a fluke.”

On Jantel Lavender
“She’s good. We were hoping she would have a rough start. Rachele played against her in high school and it must be nice to have eight years of Davenport and Lavender. We made a commitment to double team her and we really didn’t.”

On this seasons opener
“It’s early in the year. I’m just excited we don’t have to go home. It’s not one and done and we still have 29 games to go.”