Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the game
“I think everything started with the point guards. They played with great tempo and didn’t turn the ball over. Defensively, they were always around the ball and making plays. On our end they took care of the ball and played with a good flow.”

On what he saw from the Buckeyes
“I liked that a lot of people were looking at the basket today. Ashley had some open looks and it’s only a matter of time before they drop. I think as a team we’re beginning to understand how to play a complete game and not have any hiccups in our intensity.”

Shavelle Little, sophomore point guard
On staying in the game mentally
“I don’t really think about the score, I just keep doing my job and competing. When I’m on the court I have my assignment and I try to complete that and not think about anything else.”

Marscilla Packer, senior guard
On the intensity of the team
“We want to be focused defensively and make an effort to jump to the ball. Our goal is to not let up over 40 minutes and I think we got that done.”

On the defensive pride of the team
“We have built out team mentality around defense, and that’s what we want to be known for. We have to keep our intensity up on the defensive end and let it flow over into our offensive game. The drills we run in practice help make us better in that respect.”

Pam Bass, Colgate head coach
“It is great to be here at Ohio State. We have put our student-athletes in a place where they can see success and also be successful. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the tournament and to have this experience.”

On Ohio State’s athleticism
“Before the game, we talked about what we can and cannot control. One thing we can’t control is how athletic Ohio State is. It is good for our team to play against a team with great athletes. They can now see what the next level is. Once we get into league play, our opponents will look differently because we have experienced a higher level.”

On playing tomorrow
“The team is not satisfied with what they did tonight and for a coach, that is encouraging because they know they can do better and they want to do better. They want to come out tomorrow and do more. After today’s game, we see now what we can do and what we have to do to win tomorrow.”