Sept. 4, 2004

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Lydell Ross, OSU senior tailback
On Cincinnati defense
“Cincinnati played very well. They put a lot of pressure on us in the early going. Up until halftime, we were very unfamiliar with their defensive schemes. In the second half, we made some changes and we went out and made some big plays.”

On the offensive performance
“I have to give a lot of credit to the offensive line. They played very well and they opened up some big holes for all three running backs.”

On opening the season with a 100-yard rushing game
“Coming into this season, I had a lot of big goals. This is a good start, but there are things I can do better.”

Bobby Carpenter, OSU junior linebacker
On the warm weather
“It was a hot day today. After a preseason that was mostly cool, today was certainly a change. Coach (Mark) Snyder told me that there would not be a lot of opportunities to come out of the game, so I just prepared accordingly.”

On the overall defensive effort
“I think we did a great job stopping the run. Our defensive backs played very well. We made a few mistakes, but it is nothing that we cannot fix. We just need improve each week.”

Bam Childress, OSU senior flanker
On the game
“Every time I touch the ball, I always want to make something happen. When the ball is in the air I try to have an idea of what I am going do with it before the catch.”

On his career-high receiving day
“Each day is just a process. I want to try and be the best receiver I can be. There are things I can do better, but today was a good start.” Justin Zwick, OSU sophomore quarterback
On his performance
“I felt comfortable out there. The offensive line helped out by creating holes for us. I thought we bounced back from the interceptions well. The safety was there and able to make the plays”

On the defense
“I was proud of the defense. They made big stops in the red zone. The offense felt safe, but we don’t want to rely upon the defense too much.”

Santonio Holmes, OSU sophomore flanker
On the quarterbacks
“We have two great quarterbacks that stepped up. I have been around for three years now and I know what to expect. It was the first time (OSU quarterback Justin) Zwick played in the Shoe. I know he was nervous but we just tried to keep it simple. We stuck to the basics without changing too many of the plays. We just wanted to let him do his thing.”

Simon Fraser, OSU senior defensive end
On the defense
“I thought we did a good job of holding Cincinnati in the red zone. We did not allow a touchdown and that really builds our confidence. Some of the players had first time jitters but by the second half they seemed to be a bit more relaxed.”

On Cincinnati Head Coach Mark Dantonio
“Dantonio was a leader and still is. But the rest of the defensive coaching staff had and has a hand in our defense. I heard a couple calls out there that sounded a little familiar and I saw the same tendencies. But that is what makes both teams successful.”

Mike Nugent, OSU senior placekicker
On his performance
“Special teams had a good return and we were able to get good field position. This was my last first game at Ohio State and I was excited to just get out there.”

Mark Dantonio, UC Head Coach
On his first game at UC
“I am very proud of our players they came in and continued to play. They didn’t back down. I was very happy with the way we were in there for the whole game. We had a couple of penalties and it hurt us. But, we were close. It was 10-6 at one point. I think our guys fought hard. I wish they would have kept it close but they played hard. I am disappointed because we had a chance and our guys played hard.”

On Ohio State’s defense
“We had some turnovers on the offense. But, the defense (Ohio State defense) played very well. We earned every thing they gave us. They have talent,there is no doubt about that. This is a great environment to play in. I think our players responded well to that.”

On Cincinnati’s plan going into the game
“The game plan going in was to be mistake free. We need to be better on punt return and the kickoff. Other than that our punting game was good and our field goal people were good. We need to be able to run the ball. We do need to establish quickness and toughness.”

On coaching against Coach Jim Tressel
“I looked at Tressel a couple of times. He is a great coach, very patient and thorough in his preparation. Without watching the tape I don’t know how he did or how I did.”

Richard Hall, UC running back
On playing at Ohio State
“I enjoyed it. I thank my teammates for playing hard and not being afraid and not backing down because of their name.”

On getting back to practice
“We need to keep working. Just because camp is over doesn’t mean we can stop working. We need to keep at it like it’s Day One of camp.”

On UC run game vs. Ohio State
“It was tough. They put eight (men) in the box and we ran it anyway. We did an effective job running the ball but the chips did not fall for us.”

Trent Cole, UC senior defensive end
On the game
“It was a fist fight from start to finish. Everyone came to play and brought their toughness. But you can’t win games when you make too many mistakes and that’s what happened to us this afternoon.”

Derick Ross, UC junior wide receiver
On Ohio State
“Overall, I thought they played very well. This is going to be a really solid team. They have speed and toughness on both offense and defense, all the tools for a successful season.”

Doug Monaghan, UC senior strong safety
On the UC defense
“I thought we made some pretty good plays at times, however we gave up too many big plays and over 450 yards of offense and that cannot happen if we expect to win.”

On UC Head Coach Mark Dantonio
“Coach Dantonio definitely brought a new personality to our team. I thought he did an excellent job of getting us fired up and emotional for the game.”

Gino Guidugli, UC senior quarterback
On the offense
“For our first time under a new head coach I thought we did a good job of running our offense. We had some things that didn’t go our way in the first half, but we regrouped and moved the ball much better in the second half. We tried our best to disrupt their secondary but they did some things with their coverage we didn’t expect to see.”

On the game
“We didn’t know what to expect. We had a new coaching staff and some new players. It was a learning experience for us all, one we will build off as the season progresses. If we keep improving week after week, we are going to be a tough team.”