Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the game overall
“Their guards hurt us and they also hurt us on the boards. In the first half, we just didn’t work hard enough. As far as the second half is concerned, there were some freshmen mistakes. Offensively, we needed to make shots but couldn’t. Auburn is a good team. They played tough on the perimeter and prevented us from making shots. Now, looking back, there are some things that we could have done differently like setting the ball up better. It is just something we need to work on in practice.”

On what will be learned
“This game reinforces what we have to do to compete against a team like Auburn. With rebounding, it isn’t about being quick to the ball, but getting a body on someone.”

On what will be done in practice
“We need to practice getting our shots off. We will also have to challenge the younger players more. Our transition today was too quick and rushed. We need to work on a more relaxed and consistent offensive transition.”

Marscilla Packer, senior guard
On how she played
“My shots were all rushed and not focused. I needed to just settle down and relax and get into my game. I also needed to think of what I could have done to counteract their defense.”

On Auburn’s quickness
“We were aware of their quickness. It wasn’t a surprise to us. We just couldn’t defend it and weren’t ready for it.”

On what is next for the team
“We’re going to learn and figure out what we can do as a team to be better. We especially need to work harder in practice and improve ourselves with what we have learned.”

Jantel Lavender, freshman center
On the team’s chances to come back in the second half
“We never lost focus and we knew we could come back. We needed to transition better on offense and defense, but couldn’t do it. We wanted it, but it just wasn’t going to happen.”

On Ohio State’s play in the paint
“In the second half, we were doing better rebounding. Auburn focused their defense on the outside and that opened up the post more for me.”

Nell Fortner, Auburn University head coach
On the game
“This was a great win for us since we’ve already broken into the top 25. Our players gave tremendous effort. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and where we’re headed.”

On Marscilla Packer
“She is an excellent shooter. I had Sherell (Hobbs) on her all day. I knew we had to stop her in order to be successful today.”

On Jantel Lavender
“Lavender is a nice player. She’s hard to guard. Our ball pressure improved so she wouldn’t get the ball a lot. We knew having to keep the ball out of her hands was going to be a key part of this game.”

DeWanna Bonner, junior guard
On how she is feeling
“Well, right now I’m very excited. We have been waiting for this game and it is a signature win for us. My sickness didn’t affect me at all and I am just so happy for our team.”

On Auburn’s good start to the game
“We hit some really big shots. My teammates all stepped up and played great.”

Sherell Hobbs, junior guard
On guarding Marscilla Packer
“I was just trying to stay with her. I didn’t want to give her any good looks at the basket. I was just following her everywhere.”

On shooting
“We do need to work on our free throws though. Today, we just wanted to take shots in the paint and get some good looks at the basket.”