February 2, 2018

Ohio State Travels to South Bend for Northwestern Duals


Feb. 2, 2018

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The Buckeyes are set to travel to South Bend, Ind. this weekend for the Northwest Duals co-hosted by Notre Dame and Northwestern at the Castellan Family Fencing Center. In their last event before Midwest Fencing Conference Championships, the men’s and women’s squads will face 10 teams each, five of which are ranked opponents.  

Highlighted by an undefeated performance from the No. 2 men’s squad, the Buckeyes came out with an 8-7 record.

The men’s epee unit earned a team-high 56 points. The men’s foilists combined for 51 victories and the sabre unit talled 54. Hector Florencia and Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger each garnered 17 points a piece, a team-high at the event.

The No. 5 women’s team was without a foil unit at last year’s duals. The epee unit finished with 32 victories from the help of eight point each by Emma von Dadelszen and Caira Moreira-Brown. The sabre unit, led by Sarah Merza’s 12 points, won 39 points for the team.

As the Buckeyes finish up regular season duals, MFC Championships are just on the horizon. Ohio State will host the event for the third consecutive year and look to earn its fifth conference title in a row. The Buckeyes have a total of 12 conference titles.

In the first released rankings by CollegeFencing360 on January 20, both the men’s and women’s squads are listed in the top 10. The rankings are as follows:

1. Notre Dame
2. Ohio State
4. Penn State
5. Harvard
6. Princeton
7. Pennsylvania
8. St. John’s
9. Duke
10. Stanford

1. Notre Dame
2. Columbia
3. Penn State
4. Princeton
5. Ohio State
6. Harvard
7. Temple
8. Northwestern
9. Pennsylvania
10. St. John’s