Aug. 26, 2003

DALLAS, TX – Fans of Ohio State intercollegiate athletics can now subscribe to BuckeyeMag, a weekly behind-the-scenes program featuring in-depth coverage of Buckeyes’ games, players and coaches delivered direct to their computers where they can enjoy a quality, full-screen viewing experience without the limitations imposed by slow Internet connections.

On August 26, 2003, subscribers to BuckeyeMag, which can be accessed at, will begin receiving two BuckeyeMag iMags (video magazines) each week. The programs will be broadcast over the AOM Broadcasting Network (ABN), a new Internet broadcasting network owned by Affinity Online Media, LLC (AOM).

“BuckeyeMag, the Ohio State iMag, will provide subscribers with behind-the-scenes coverage of every campus sport – from football to women’s soccer – that they simply won’t find anywhere else,” said Wayne McElreath, AOM chairman and CEO.

BuckeyeMag is one of several iMags being developed by ABN and Division I-A universities as the result of a partnership between ABN and the Division I-A Athletic Director’s Association (DI-A). Under the agreement, subscription dollars generated by BuckeyeMag will be shared with the Ohio State athletic department and the DI-A’s CHAMPS program. CHAMPS – Challenging Athletes’ Minds for Personal Success – is a life skills program that supports the future growth of athletes beyond college.

BuckeyeMag to Deliver Full-Screen Video Highlights to Fans Via the Internet
Dutch Baughman, executive director of DI-A, said the partnership between ABN and his organization represents a great deal for all parties to intercollegiate athletics. “The college sports iMags create a new revenue stream for the DI-A athletic departments while benefiting fans of all college sports, as well as former student-athletes who don’t move on to the professional ranks,” Baughman said. “I can’t think of another arrangement that produces more benefits for all those involved in college athletics.”

“BuckeyeMag represents a unique opportunity for Ohio State fans and alumni to follow our sports programs no matter where they live. It will offer our fans a direct connection to everything that happens in Ohio State sports,” said Andy Geiger, Ohio State’s Director of Athletics.

Every week ABN will broadcast the Ohio State-produced BuckeyeMag to subscribers’ computers via the Internet with no disruption to the computer screen or Internet connection. The BuckeyeMag iMags can be viewed on demand with no commercial interruptions, and unlike steaming video, which can appear jerky or patchy even over high-speed Internet connections, the viewing experience will be much like watching a DVD.

To subscribe to BuckeyeMag, Ohio State fans can visit The subscription price is $8.95 per month, with the Ohio State Athletic Department and the DI-A’s CHAMPS program receiving a portion of each subscription.

About Affinity Online Media (AOM)
AOM is a Dallas-based company that has developed technology allowing the delivery of high quality, full-screen video and audio to any Internet-connected device regardless of connection speed. Using a proprietary suite of interrelated client-, server- and Web-based applications, AOM circumvents network congestion and eliminates the need for viewers to retrieve or download content. The company’s iMags provide an ideal way for organizations that have existing relationships with tens of thousands of members, subscribers or customers to deliver proprietary, subscription-based content. AOM’s technology also can provide detailed and comprehensive profiles of user audiences; comprehensive, Web-based targeting, tracking and reporting on all file deliveries; and multi-layered content security and digital rights management.