January 27, 2019

Ohio State Takes the Win at Akron


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Saturday, January 26th

Akron, Ohio- The Buckeyes stayed in their home state this past weekend competing at Akron on Saturday. The Buckeyes added to their list of wins this season in Open with a score of 6,409 (2223 air; 2011 free; 2175 standard) over Akron with a score of 6,107 (2178 air; 1889 free; 2040 standard) while Women’s Team Aggregate was not contested.

Bernard Melus came in strong, setting a new personal best with a score of 541 in Standard Pistol.

Several Buckeyes also left their impact this past weekend, helping the Buckeyes take the win. The Buckeyes took first in all five events, including Samuel Gens in Free Pistol (519), Anthony McCollum in Standard Pistol (565) and Air Pistol (566), and Emily Rust in Women’s Air Pistol (549) and Sport Pistol (550). The Buckeyes also took second place in Free Pistol (507) from Bernard Melus and in Air Pistol (560) from Samuel Gens.


The Buckeyes are back at it again this weekend, traveling to Fargo, N.D. to take on North Dakota State.