Feb. 12, 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State synchronized swimming team (10-0) picked up a 76-64 win over Richmond Saturday in Richmond, Va.

Ohio State juniors Carly Grimshaw and Chelsea Luker helped the Buckeyes win three wins in duet, trio and team. Grimshaw and Luker paired up to take first place in duet with a score of 92.167. Senior Lauren Marsh, Grimshaw and Luker claimed first-place honors in trio with a mark of 91.667.

Sophomore Becky Kim and senior Lindsay Newbill finished second in duet with a score of 89.167 while Kim, Newbill and sophomore Ellen Hacker placed second in the trio event.

The Ohio State squad also took home first-place honors in the team event. Swimming for the Buckeyes was Headther Burdick, Grimshaw, Hacker, Kim, Luker, Marsh, Newbill and Ashley Rule.

Feb. 12, 2005 at Richmond TEAM STANDINGS Ohio State 76 Richmond 64

DUET 1. Chelsea Luker, Carly Grimshaw (Ohio State) 92.167 2. Becky Kim, Lindsay Newbill (Ohio State) 89.167 3. Laura Mase, Carolina Weist (Richmond) 84.000

TRIO 1. Carly Grimshaw, Chelsea Luker, Lauren Marsh (Ohio State) 91.667 2. Becky Kim, Lindsay Newbill, Ellen Hacker (Ohio State) 89.500 3. Laura Mase, Caroline Weist, Becky Zakian (Richmond) 80.167

TEAM 1. Ohio State 95.000 2. Richmond 85.417