March 8, 2020

Ohio State Synchro Stays Perfect at North Regionals


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Buckeyes showed up to compete at North Regionals yesterday in Michigan. The Buckeyes took first in every category and secured the Overall Institution award, continuing their undefeated streak. Ohio State was awarded a season-high 103 points, topping Minnesota (72), Michigan (69), Lindenwood (53) and Colorado State (35). The team brought ten routines and nailed performances that all scored highly. New this competition, Rachel Jager and Paige Hopper combined for a duet performance that took second in the category. Jager and Hopper also debuted a trio routine with Laila Huric that took first in trio. Nikki Dzurko has topped the solo category three times out of four performances this season and will look to defend her solo national championship later this month. Dzurko and Huric, the 2019 duet National Champions, remain undefeated in the category in 2020.

Ohio State synchro took ten of the top twelve spots in A Figures, with Dzurko coming out on top. Huric and Daria Torba followed behind in second and third, respectively. B Figures were equally as impressive, with 13 of the top 14 slots going to student-athletes representing the Scarlet and Gray. Rose Homoelle was named the B Figure winner followed by Mackenzie Finn and Sarah Walsh.

It’s fair to say the program is poised for another championship run later this month. With their eyes on a 33rd national title, the Buckeyes will take the feedback from regionals to train for the 2020 U.S. Collegiate Championship. If the Buckeyes were to continue their season streak and win the Overall Institution Championship, it would mark the fourth title in a row. The class of 2020 would graduate with four championships and undefeated collegiate careers. The last time the team achieved a four-peat was 2009-2012 under head coach Linda Lichter-Witter.


  1. Nikki Dzurko – 84.0667
  2. Laila Huric – 82.0333
  3. Maria De Llue Bonnin Sogorb (Lindenwood University) – 77.6667


  1. Nikki Dzurko and Laila Huric – 81.8333
  2. Rachel Jager and Paige Hopper – 76.7333
  3. Phoebe Coffin and Rose Homoelle – 75.7


  1. Paige Hopper, Laila Huric, Rachel Jager – 74.1333
  2. Claire Benson, Elizabeth Fischer, Alyssa Peck (University of Minnesota) – 63.7667
  3. Kate Molenaar, Micah Reich, Megan Rosenblatt (Colorado State) – 62.1


  1. The Ohio State University, Scarlet – 84.6
  2. The Ohio State University, Gray – 81.0667
  3. University of Minnesota – 67.0333