Oct. 4, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio- The Ohio State fencing team swept the OSU Duals, 8-0, Friday at French Field House, extending its undefeated streak to 11-consecutive years. 

The women’s squad tallied a 177-33 bout-record without losing a single round.  The women’s foil unit contributed 68 points, highlighted by undefeated performances against Purdue, Michigan State, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Case Western Reserve.

Taylor McIntyre led the unit with a 20-1 record, while teammate Kyjah Coryat won all 14 of her bouts. Freshman Morgan Mzhen made her debut with a 17-2 performance.  Senior Mai Shaito rounded out the women’s foil unit with a 16-1 record.

Eugenia Falqui and Becca Rutan were the only two Buckeyes to compete for the women’s epee squad. Both only suffered one loss, each, ending the day with a combined record of 46-2.

Sophomore Alexa Antipas led the women’s sabre unit with an undefeated performance, 24-0. Ann Lowery Black made her freshman debut, tallying a 17-7 score.

The men’s squad notched a 160-50 record at the event. Twelve fencers made their debut for the men’s squad at the event.

Alistair Delchamps earned an undefeated performance, 24-0, for the men’s sabre unit. Freshman John Lazzari was the only other Buckeye to compete for the men’s sabre unit, tallying a 19-5 record.

Only freshmen competed for the men’s foil unit. Julien Baneux, Robert Caldwell and Devon Reina earned 12-1 records, respectively, while James Hu tallied a 14-2 record and Matthew Chan notched a 12-5 record. 

Sophomore Joe Guinan won all ten of his bouts for the men’s epee unit. Michael Saari led the freshmen men’s epeeist with a 12-3 record.

The Scarlet and Gray return to the strips on Oct. 10 for the October NAC Cup in Portland, Ore.

OSU def. Case Western Reserve, 20-7 (S: 6-3, F: 8-1, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Indiana, 24-3 (S: 6-3, F: 9-0, E: 9-0)
OSU def. Cleveland State, 17-9 (S: 5-3, F: 5-4, E: 7-2)
OSU def. Michigan, 20-7 (S: 5-4, F: 8-1, E: 7-2)
OSU def. Illinois, 19-5 (S: 6-0, F: 7-2, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Iowa, 22-3 (S: 5-2, F: 9-0, E: 8-1)
OSU def. Michigan State, 21-6 (S: 6-3, F: 9-0, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Purdue, 17-10 (S: 4-5, F: 7-2, E: 5-4)

OSU def. Case Western Reserve, 22-5 (S: 7-2, F: 9-0, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Indiana, 24-3 (S: 9-0, F: 9-0, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Cleveland State, 22-5 (S: 8-1, F: 8-1, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Michigan, 20-7 (S: 8-1, F: 6-3, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Illinois, 24-3 (S: 9-0, F: 9-0, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Iowa, 24-2 (S: 9-0, F: 9-0, E: 6-2)
OSU def. Michigan State, 22-5 (S: 8-1, F: 9-0, E: 5-4)
OSU def. Purdue, 19-8 (S: 5-4, F: 9-0, E: 5-4)