Oct. 25, 2012

NCAA website

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In graduation data released by the NCAA today, Ohio State student-athletes in the 2005-06 cohort have a Federal Graduation Rate (FGR) of 81 percent and a four-class average (2002-05) of 85 percent in the Graduation Success Rate (GSR). The FGR shows Ohio State student-athletes graduating at a rate similar to Ohio State’s student-body and the GSR indicates a high rate of success overall.

“I am extremely proud of the great work our student athletes, coaches, faculty and academic counselors continue to do,” Gene Smith, associate vice president/director of athletics at Ohio State, said. “In 2005 our graduation rate was 62 percent and to now be at 81 percent is a tremendous accomplishment that reflects on the quality of our student-athletes. While we strive to win championships, our greatest victory is in seeing our students graduate.”

The GSR includes all athletically-aided student-athletes, including transfers, but subtracts those student-athletes that leave the institution eligible. The FGR assesses only first-time full-time freshmen in a given cohort and only counts them as academic successes if they graduate from their institution of initial enrollment within a six-year period.

For the group which includes freshmen who entered in 2005-06, Ohio State student-athletes have federal graduation rates of 81 percent, just ahead of the Ohio State student body (80 percent).

For the four-class average (classes entering 2002-05), the GSR for student-athletes was 85 percent. The federal rate for OSU student-athletes was 73 percent and the Ohio State student body was at 76 percent.

The Ohio State football program has shown modest but steady increases over the past four cohorts (2002-05). The GSR for football is 74 percent, ahead of 67 percent a year ago and 63 percent two years ago, and beyond the 70 percent for FBS football programs nationally.

Men’s basketball, a sport that has small squad sizes which can cause year-to-year variability in numbers, has a GSR of 45 percent for the cohort. An outstanding Academic Progress Rate (APR) of 962 and a number of graduates over the past few years under Thad Matta, now in his eighth campaign at the helm, predicts good GSR scores moving forward as his recruiting classes move into their six-year windows for graduation.

The four-year rolling average GSR for each Ohio State team has increased over the last three years. Teams who have shown particularly large gains include men’s cross country/track, gymnastics, soccer and tennis and women’s gymnastics and swimming.

The overall Division I freshman cohort graduation rates are 65 percent for student-athletes and 63 percent for the student body, while the four-class average is 64 percent for student-athletes and 63 percent for the student population. The national GSR for the cohort is 80 percent.