May 30, 2004

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Ohio State rowing team finished its season with an eighth-place finish, scoring 33 points overall Sunday at the 2004 NCAA Championships at the CSUS Aquatic Center in Sacramento, Calif.

The Buckeyes’ first varsity eight clinched a fifth-place national finish, while the first varsity four and second varsity eight garnered sixth and 12th, respectively. Brown won the team championship with 70 points, followed by Yale (58) and Michigan (52). Ohio State’s eighth-place team finish is the Buckeyes’ third best in the program history.

“Obviously it is disappointing not to get ahead of more teams,” Andy Teitelbaum, Ohio State head coach. “You have to tip your hat to the teams that beat us. There were some tremendously close races and we finished on the shorthand.”

Making only their second appearance in the Grand Finals of the NCAA championships, OSU’s first varsity eight finished fifth. The Buckeyes clinched their second best national finish in program history, OSU finished fourth in 2002. Through the first 500 meters Ohio State, Brown, Yale and Michigan were tied for third. Brown and Cal moved ahead at the 1000 meter mark, while OSU fell to fifth. The Buckeyes advanced to fourth around 1500 meters, but Princeton made a final move in the last 500 meters to get ahead of Ohio State. OSU finished with a time of 6:38.9, 1.2 seconds behind fourth-place Princeton. Brown came in first (6:32.9), followed by Yale (6:34.6) and Michigan (6:37.1). Members of the first varsity eight include Susi Wesenburg (Rostock Germany), Ellen Maas (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Amanda Purcell (Hilliard, Ohio), Ninett Kossowsky (Leipzig, Germany), Wilma Dressel (Dortmund, Germany), Diana Albrecht (Dresden, Germany), Annabelle Fago (Giessen, Germany), Tatiana Grigorieva (Moscow, Russia) and Ashley Orr (Dublin, Ohio). The second varsity eight concluded their season with a 12th place national finish, taking sixth in the Petite Final. Wisconsin and Virginia battled for the lead the majority of the race, while Ohio State took on Michigan State for fifth position. The Buckeyes finished at 6:55.1, just .7 seconds behind fifth-place Michigan State. Virginia won the Petite Final (6:48.8) and Wisconsin finished second (6:51.0). Members of the second varsity eight include Susan Cohen (Milford, Conn.), Maggie Kathman (Lakeside Park, Ky.), Liz Tuppen (Buffalo, N.Y.), Beth Tompkins (Westerville, Ohio), Meredith Corley (Alexandria, Va.), Franziska Schubert (Dresden, Germany), Devin Walsh (Lakewood, Ohio), Amanda Spires (Nutley, N.J.) and Laureen Ellison (Edgewood, Ky.).

The Buckeyes’ first varsity four wrapped up their season with a sixth-place national finish. OSU and Cal battled for fifth the majority of the race, but the Buckeyes were unable to pull through. OSU finished at 7:39.9, just .6 seconds behind fifth-place Cal. Virginia came in first at 7:27.5 and Washington followed in second with a time of 7:30.8. Members of the first varsity four include Christen Opperman (Centerville, Ohio), Natalie Legge (Sydney, Australia), Jana Schiller (Potsdam, Germany), Jessica Shepherd (Richwood, Ohio) and Sarah Obee (Toledo, Ohio).

This season marked Ohio State’s fifth consecutive appearance at the NCAA Championships. The Buckeyes’ highest finish was in 2001 when they placed fourth overall. Ohio State finished fifth in 2003 and 2002 and ninth in 2000.

“We had a tremendous year,” Teitelbaum said. “We won a regional championship and we had the first Big Ten crew ever to be ranked first in the country. While this weekend was some what of a disappointment. I would like to congratulate the crews that finished ahead of us. We went as fast as we could and they got ahead of us.”

2004 NCAA Championships – Day 3 Ohio State Race Results

Final Standings Team Point Total Brown 70 Yale 58 Michigan 52 Cal 51 Washington 43 Princeton 36 Virginia 36 Ohio State 33 Washington State 28 Harvard 24 Wisconsin 19 Michigan State 18

Ohio State Race Results First Varsity Eight Time Points Grand Final 1. Brown 6:32.9 36 2. Yale 6:34.6 33 3. Michigan 6:37.1 30 4. Princeton 6:37.7 27 5. Ohio State 6:38.9 24 6. Cal 6:40.1 21

First Varsity Eight Time Points Petite Final 1. Washington 6:37.8 18 2. Harvard 6:38.4 15 3. Virginia 6:38.6 12 4. Tennessee 6:41.1 N/A 5. Notre Dame 6:44.0 N/A 6. USC 6:44.1 N/A

Second Varsity Four Time Points Grand Final 1. Brown 6:44.1 24 2. Cal 6:46.8 22 3. Washington State 6:47.0 20 4. Michigan 6:47.2 18 5. Yale 6:50.4 16 6. Washington 6:50.41 14

Second Varsity Four Time Points Petite Final 1. Virginia 6:48.8 12 2. Wisconsin 6:51.0 10 3. Brown 6:53.7 8 4. Princeton 6:54.0 6 5. Michigan State 6:54.4 4 6. Ohio State 6:55.1 2

First Varsity Four Grand Final Time Points 1. Virginia 7:27.5 12 2. Washington 7:30.8 11 3. Brown 7:32.2 10 4. Yale 7:34.4 9 5. Cal 7:39.3 8 6. Ohio State 7:39.9 7

First Varsity Four Petite Final Time Points 1. Wisconsin 7:32.5 6 2. Michigan State 7:34.2 5 3. Michigan 7:37.7 4 4. Princeton 7:39.5 3 5. Washington 7:41.1 2 6. Harvard 7:46.4 1