May 13, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Scarlet Golf Course is the site of the 1999 NCAA Men’s Golf Central Regional May 20-22. Six schools will be represented by an individual performer along with 21 teams. All will begin arriving early next week to begin preparations for the three-day event.%^$

%^$ A total of 324 participants from the three regions (east, central, west) will vie for 156 spots in the NCAA finals, hosted by the University of Minnesota June 2-5.%^$

%^$ The Central Region is divided by three districts. District 4 (31 spots) will be resented by six teams, seeded in order: Minnesota, Northwestern, Kent State, Illinois, Toledo and Purdue. One individual, Jamie Broce of Ball State, will participate as well. District 5 (37 spots) has seven teams: Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Colorado and Iowa State. Individuals are David Suggs of Missouri and Zoltan Veress of Arkansas State. District 6 (43 spots) is represented by eight teams: Houston, Texas, Southern Methodist, Baylor, Texas-Arlington, North Texas, Texas Christian and Arkansas. Individuals are Ryan Palmer, Texas A&M, Brandt Kieschnick, Sam Houston State and Daniel Fox, Arkansas-Little Rock.%^$

%^$ The Central Region will feature some the nation’s most talented individual golfers, including Northwestern’s Luke Donald, David Gossett of Texas and D.A. Points of Illinois. All three of these individuals have won three tournaments this season (as of May 13).%^$

%^$ Kieschnick and Veress, two of the six competing as individuals, have each won a pair of tournaments this year. %^$

%^$ Single tournament winners include Broce, Neal Collins of North Texas, Steve Friesen and Josh Madden of Nebraska, Charles Howell and Edward Loar of Oklahoma State, Jeff Hughes and Jimmy Walker of Baylor, Bert Jones of Purdue, Martin Maritz of Tulsa, James McLean and Bill Thompson of Minnesota, Rich Morris and Chris Speight of Arkansas, Tim Rice of Toledo and Ryan Vermeer of Kansas.%^$

%^$ Howell (September), Gossett (October) and Loar (November) have each been named Rolex College Golfers of the Month this season. Gossett also was the medalist in the Big 12 Tournament.%^$

%^$ Teams ranked (as of May 12) in the MasterCard College Golf Rankings who have qualified for the Central Region include Houston (6), Oklahoma State (7), Texas (8), Minnesota (10), Nebraska (12), Northwestern (13), Oklahoma (26), Kansas (27), Southern Methodist (33), Texas Christian (34), Texas-Arlington (41), Baylor (45) and North Texas (48).%^$

%^$ Players ranked among the Top 30 individually include Gossett (3), Howell (6), Donald (8), Loar (14), McLean (15), Andy Sanders of Houston (16), Ben Curtis of Kent (21), Hunter Haas of Oklahoma (23) and B.J. Staten of Houston (28). %^$

%^$ Texas-Arlington and Minnesota have each won three team tournaments this year. Baylor, North Texas, Northwestern, Purdue, and Texas are all two-time team winners. Colorado, Houston, Illinois, Iowa State, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Southern Methodist and Toledo have each won once.%^$

%^$ Conference champions who advanced to the Central Region include Kansas (Big 12), North Texas (Big West), Houston (Conference USA; medalist–Andy Sanders, Houston) and Texas-Arlington (Tie-Southland, medalists-Kieschnick and David Bolen, Sam Houston State). The conference champion of the Big Ten and the Mid-American conferences will be decided this weekend.%^$

%^$ Practice rounds begin for the Central Region May 19 with official competition beginning at 7:30 a.m. each day May 20-22. %^$

%^$1999 Central Region Qualifiers%^$District 4 (31 spots)%^$ Seed Team%^$ 1. Minnesota%^$ 2. Northwestern%^$ 3. Kent State%^$ 4. Illinois%^$ 5. Toledo%^$ 6. Purdue%^$

%^$Indviduals%^$ 1. Jamie Broce, Ball State%^$

%^$District 5 (37 spots)%^$ Seed Team%^$ 1. Oklahoma State%^$ 2. Nebraska%^$ 3. Kansas%^$ 4. Oklahoma%^$ 5. Tulsa%^$ 6. Colorado%^$ 7. Iowa State%^$

%^$Individuals%^$ 1. David Suggs, Missouri%^$ 2. Zoltan Veress, Arkansas State%^$

%^$District 6 (43 spots)%^$ 1. Houston%^$ 2. Texas%^$ 3. Southern Methodist%^$ 4. Baylor%^$ 5. Texas-Arlington%^$ 6. North Texas%^$ 7. Texas Christian%^$ 8. Arkansas%^$

%^$Individuals%^$ 1. Ryan Palmer, Texas A&M%^$ 2. Brandt Kieschnick, Sam Houston State%^$ 3. Daniel Fox, Arkansas-Little Rock%^$


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