Sept. 21, 2013

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No. 4/3 Ohio State 76 (4-0), Florida A&M 0 (1-3)
Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio
Sept. 21, 2013
Attendance: 103,595

Evan Spencer, junior wide receiver
On his touchdowns being a part of Guiton’s record-breaking performance
“It was good to see Kenny put up the numbers he did. It’s awesome and special to be a part of his record.”

On Ohio State’s depth
“I’ve never heard of having too many weapons being a bad thing. It’s a good thing to have as much depth as we do and we know as players that pretty much everyone can go in and make an impact.”

Bradley Roby, junior cornerback
On the Buckeyes’ defensive performance
“As a defense, we shut them out and that was our goal. It’s always a good feeling leaving the game with a goose egg.”

On looking ahead to Wisconsin
“Any Big Ten game is a serious game for us with our goals for the end of the season. It’s always a battle with [Wisconsin]. They beat us a couple years ago when we were No. 1. We’re ready for them.”

Jeff Heuerman, junior tight end
On the flow of the game and his increased offensive presence
“You never really know. The game can go all sorts of different ways. It worked out well for us today though and we were able to play really well.”

On Ohio State’s offense
“I wouldn’t say we’re unsatisfied. There’s always room for improvement. We’re not perfect. It’s a long season and we have to play a lot of different teams. There are a lot of things we have to prepare and each team is different. We didn’t have our whole offense ready to go today.”

Ezekiel Elliott, freshman running back
On the competition between the Ohio State running backs
“We have a great stable of running backs. It’s hard to get a spot and hold a spot when the guys around you are so great. Every day we come hard to practice and try to earn our spot.

On game experience
“It’s been good to get a little more game experience in these early games. Every time you get game reps it makes you better.”

On camaraderie between the Buckeye running backs
“We compete and make each other better. We’re a very close-knit group and we work to get better as a team. We all came to Ohio State for a reason and that’s to play.”

Doran Grant, junior cornerback
On the game today and preparing for Wisconsin next week
“We got some good work out there today. We looked at this as a game to help us prep for the upcoming Big Ten season. We’ll be ready for Wisconsin’s running game. The coaches will have a game plan and we will be ready to execute.”

On holding Florida A&M to under 100 yards total offense
“We had good fundamentals. Everyone was prepared and ready to play.”


Earl Holmes, head coach Florida A&M
On loss to Ohio State
“First and foremost, the reason you come and play this type is to see where you are as a team. What we wanted to accomplish in this game was to not beat ourselves and just go out there and compete for 60 minutes.”

On his team’s play
“You cannot afford to give a team as good as Ohio State any extra opportunities and at times we did that. The first drive of the game we thought we had the momentum behind us after the interception, but we lost it and never got it back.”

On value of playing a high caliber FBS program
“It is always worth it. We have some guys on our team, with aspirations of playing on Sundays and it is important for them to play in this type of atmosphere. It also makes us come together as a team because out of the 100,000 people in the stadium the only ones cheering for you are your teammates.”

On lessons learned from game vs. Ohio State
“Regardless of who you’re playing, it is about what you need to do as a team. Your offense and defense have to complement each other. You can’t have your defense out there for 16 plays and then go three and out on offense.”

Patrick Aiken, sophomore cornerback
On his first quarter interception
“I was caught up in the moment and made a mental error. I began to stumble and when I tried to catch myself I was hit and the ball came loose. It was a good feeling to get the interception, but I didn’t finish the play how I should have.”

On FCS schools playing difficult nonconference games
“I never feel like the person in front of me is better than me. Even when we are down, we know we have to keep playing hard.”

Damien Fleming, sophomore quarterback
On Ohio State’s defense
“Ohio State’s defense had a lot of movement. On top of that they are really fast and just made a lot of plays.”