Oct. 15, 2017

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🏈🎙 @OSUCoachMeyer postgame comments following W in Neb.
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— Ohio State Buckeyes (@OhioStAthletics) October 15, 2017

On where he’s seen the biggest improvement in the offense
“I think I’ll start with the offensive line, the tough injury to [RS sophomore OL Branden Bowen], (junior OL) Demetrius Knox swung in and played very well. This is the kind of bend-but-won’t break defense we’re getting ready to play, to be methodical in that kind of environment. They’re not just going to give you the deep ball, they’re not going to give you that type of stuff. I was very concerned about that going in, because we just haven’t been that kind of team. I was very proud of those guys.”

On the level of offensive performance compared to the Oklahoma game
“I just feel like there was a good chemistry, very good chemistry on offense. The receivers and quarterbacks were playing at a very high level, very efficient. J.T.’s efficiency tonight was elite. Guys were making plays for him, protecting him. This is a good time to be cooking, but it’s also a good time to have a bye week and get these guys fresh.”

On getting 41 first downs and converting the first eight third downs
“I thought our guys played very well, when I look up at the scoreboard and see a very balanced offense, that’s what our goal is. Our goal is a 250-250 game and we’re getting those kind of performances in the last few games. We are very well aware of what’s coming down the pipe here. Very mature team, we have some very good leadership on this team with (senior DL) Tyquan Lewis and (senior DE) Jalyn Holmes and some of those guys, they’re really strong leadership on this team.”

On the level of performance from Ohio State’s defense
“There were some errors, look up at the board and saw 300 yards passing so I’m sure there will be some issues to deal with, but it’s still 300 yards passing. I thought our run defense was outstanding but too many big hits in the passing against our defense.”

J.T. Barrett

On taking advantage of tempo against Nebraska
“I think that’s something you’re always trying to push, trying to catch the defense off guard, get defensive calls in, get in a huddle. I think we just have to keep pressing the issue when it comes to that so we have an advantage.”

On adding to the playbook every week
“I think this week was like that just because their style of defense was different. They were really soft in coverage and they rallied to the ball, so they played a lot of zone, the linebackers got a lot of depth. On film it was linebackers getting a lot of depth, 14 yards, had to check the ball downwards. We hadn’t seen too much of that tonight but there were plays that we had to scheme up for this type of defense.”

On the momentum generated by the opening drive
“It settled us down a little bit, settled the crowd down a little bit because it was definitely rocking at the beginning of the game, throughout that first half a little bit. With that, settled our guys down a little bit, offensive line did a great job.”

Billy Price

On Demetrius Knox being ready for Penn State
“To address Demetrius [Knox], Demetrius stepped in very well. I was very satisfied with what he did today. Obviously, Ohio State wants to watch film to see what we can improve on and that next step towards the next game (against Penn State). I’m just happy for Demetrius. As far as Penn State right now, we just want to celebrate the win.”

On the offense building momentum
“The best part about is that we have so much more that we can build and that we can continue to do.”

The biggest enhancement
“We talked about making sure that he guys aren’t thinking so much. Just go play some ball. As soon as you start thinking ‘oh I have to get this guy’ or ‘I have to get that guy’, that’s were players start to play slow. One of our things is ‘don’t play slow’. Go get a couple yards and make sure to come on the sidelines and tell us what we’re presenting. Just making sure we are playing fast.”

On being on a winning streak after Oklahoma
“I truly think that the dynamics of the offensive side has been the reason why guys are flying around so much. I think we can identify and say OK we’re watching our offensive line play slow and worry about blocking things perfectly instead of just going out there and playing. The biggest thing is making sure that we are aggressive and we are playing fast.”

Jerome Baker

On Penn State
“We have a lot to prepare for, but we definitely play at a high level so it should be fun.”

The focal point of the game
“Just go out there and play physical. We knew they had some great backs and some great skilled players so we just wanted to set the tone early. As you can see, we did that and just carried on.”

Message to the offense
“They’re making it a lot easier. When you’re up 14-0, 21-0 it makes it real easy to play defense. It’s fun and definitely makes it easy for defense.”

On Coach Meyer saying it’s a perfect time for a bye week
“Personally, I just like to keep rolling but it’ll be fun to have a week off and refresh. It’ll be a good time because we have two weeks to prepare for Penn State. Everybody knows that’s a great team, so it’s good for us.”

On shutting down Nebraska’s offense in the first half
“We pride ourselves on defense so anytime we are out there, we don’t want any yards. We pride ourselves on that. Even when the young guys go in, we don’t want any yards. We have some room to improve but it was a good start.”