November 12, 2016

Ohio State Postgame Quotes


Nov. 12, 2016

Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer

On his team’s offensive and defensive efforts:

“I think we played defense two weeks in a row like that and the guys are playing really hard and we have a good rotation of guys on the defensive line. We’re going to find out now but our offensive line is playing much better in the last two weeks and we know exactly what’s coming down the road.”

On the play of Curtis Samuel:

“When we saw they pressed him we felt real confident in him and his ability to punch the ticket deep. The thing that’s so good about Curtis is that his football smart is unbelievable and now he’s back there returning punts as well. Now we just want to get him rested and ready for Saturday.”

On what to think about his team after winning by a score of 62-3 two weeks in a row:

“November’s here and we have a big one coming one week from today.”

On how his second-string players have performed:

“Better. We’ve just been dying to get Ben Victor the ball because as you saw with his two catches, he has a big wingspan and he’s really a good player. He’s starting to learn how to play at the level of football and the speed that is required and he’s starting to understand the offense.”

On Curtis Samuel’s impact in the game:

“There’s not many guys like that who can do it all. We’ve had tight ends before that were dual purpose guys but he’s a tough one to defend. He’s a really good player.”

On putting two players in the backfield:

“Mike [Weber] is a very good blocker. He’s a thumper. We can run a little triple option with him and Curtis [Samuel] as well and that’s a nice little package. You will probably see a little bit more of that.”

On J.T. Barrett’s performance:

“I think he’s playing outstanding. Offensive football is dictated by the offensive line. When they’re playing the way they’re playing right now, that’s pretty good.” 

Junior Quarterback J.T Barrett:

On the assessment of his play:

 “I was good; I had a couple balls that I wish I had back so our guys could catch and run with it.”

On their play now that it’s November, and the 62-3 box score two weeks in a row:

“I think our main thing is just to go hard in practices and come out here and execute and play our best ball. Knowing that it is November and that’s where the season really hangs your hat on, we just try to do our best in those games.”

On there being any revenge with the Michigan State game coming up after last year’s outcome:

“No, not really, we’ve just been taking one game at a time. So with that, we really weren’t looking forward to any game. We understand that they’re a really good football team, despite what the record says, I really don’t care. They’re going to give us their best shot and they have really good players over there, so we have to make sure that we prepare well and go out there and play our best.”

Sophomore Defensive End Sam Hubbard:

On scoring 62-3 two weeks in a row:

 “Is that what we scored last week too? You know it’s November, and Coach Meyer said we made a choice and we have to follow through today and do what we did last week. And that’s what we did, and we’re really happy about it; we have to keep it going.”

On the primary thing to stop today on defense:

“We wanted to stop the screens. We were expecting 8-10 screens, and we played them so well we made them turn the page on that, so we’re happy about that.”

On making so many stops on 3rd down:

“We were dialing up some cool blitzes and we were really changing what we were doing. We had great coverage and good pressure.”