Nov. 8, 2006

Doug Datish, senior center
On the game at Illinois
“Anyone who goes to Iowa and dominates like they did is a pretty good team. It was a rough time out there (at Illinois). They got better against us, so now we have to do just that and get better. I give Illinois all the credit in the world. They have a solid scheme, great technique, good power and good coaching. In the Big Ten, any team plays like they are going to win the game.”

On his evaluation of the Illinois game
“As far as our game goes, we didn’t play like we are capable of playing. It is disheartening anytime you see Troy (Smith) get up and brush himself off. He was down a little more than we would have liked, but Troy is not going to sit there and blame us. That is not who Troy is. We just have to know everything is going to be okay. We will keep plugging and use this game as a reality check. It was a good learning experience.”

On loosing to Northwestern in 2004
“At the time, it burnt pretty good. You carry that scar around, but it is a different year. History is a great thing to learn from. But this is not history – this is now. We concentrate on this year and take every opportunity as they come to stay positive. We don’t forget what happened and go out this year and prove we can do it. We have a football team that is superior to most because of the time we put into this program.”

On the team outlook
“Games like the one vs. Illinois makes you get back to reality. It keeps you grounded. We know that things can happen and things do happen. Tressel is a man that has been in many battles, and knew exactly what this past weekend was. A win is a win. Big Ten on the road is a tough win in itself and we just have to build on it.”

Antonio Smith, senior defensive back
On Northwestern vs. Iowa
“I think that game showed their determination. They have been through a lot this season, including a devastating loss to Michigan State, but they are still fighting. They are going to come out and play hard.”

On being a finalist for the Thorpe Award
“I am very thankful. I thank God for the ability to be in this position. It is a great honor.”

On Northwestern running back Tyrell Sutton
“He is a great back. He runs tremendously hard and is really powerful. We know he will be ready. He is an Ohio guy and will come out and perform.”

On his satisfaction with the season
“Right now it is still a big blur. When it is over I think I will look back and smile upon it. It is just an honor to be here and be a part of this team and this defense. Hopefully we can keep it going and win a few more games before we’re done.”

On the defense
“It is always good when you can come up with turnovers. That is something our defense has done a good job of this season. We have done a great job swarming to the ball. If we continue to do that we will be successful.”

On becoming a starter
“At the beginning of the season I knew what my goals were. I knew what I had to do to get better as a person and as a player. I don’t think anyone knew who the starters would be early on, but I just knew I had to work hard.”

### Go Bucks! ###