Dec. 17, 2015   |   @OhioStAthletics   |   @Brutus_Buckeye

Raekwon McMillan, junior linebacker
On preparing for a bowl game
“You’re supposed to have fun. Last year we had a lot of fun, but when it was time to lock in we did a good job of that and focusing on the game.”

On the attitude of the team
“At the end of every practice we have a little challenge for the young guys just to lighten things up because throughout the whole season we had a ton of pressure. I think we’re still working hard though, maybe more than we have all season.”

On staying motivated
“The expectation is always a national championship. But from the jump our expectation is always to win. We’ll never go into a game expecting to lose. It won’t be an issue at all because every game that we step on the field we want to win.”

Taylor Decker, senior offensive lineman
On the possibility of winning 50 games at Ohio State
“As seniors, we’ve been fortunate to get this program back on course. We’ve been through a lot, done a lot of good things, and it would be great to go out with a win against a great opponent.”

On the Fiesta Bowl having the feel of a playoff game
“This my last game, so it’s a championship game to me. I think with any of the `New Year’s Six’ you don’t lose any luster from the playoff.”

On the presence of Jim Cordle during the Michigan game
“I liked it during the Michigan game, I thought Jim did an awesome job. I just like him as a person, he’s just a good dude. And obviously he has that high-level experience of playing football and his best quality is that he stays really calm.”

Tyvis Powell, junior safety
On his achievements at Ohio State
“I’m very happy with everything I’ve done. Every time you achieve a goal you jump up and down and do a happy dance. But you set new goals. You celebrate the one goal and then you create new goals and work towards that.”

On the transition of the team next year
“They definitely have a great coaching staff who does a great job of recruiting. The backups have been using these practices to get a lot of work and they’re doing pretty well so the future is pretty bright. Ohio State will never fall off because there are so many people who want to come here.”

On the impact on young fans
“I never thought about it like that. But maybe we’ve inspired kids, there are definitely a lot of them celebrating around Ohio after our championship. So maybe that’s the spark that leads them to Ohio State and if that is the case then I really can leave this place at peace.”

Vonn Bell, junior safety
On being named an All-American and getting his Buckeye tree
“I can bring my kids back and see my tree. It’s an honor. They’ve been playing football here for a long time so to be a part of that is a huge accomplishment.”

On the possibility of the senior class winning 50 games
“It would be an honor to be a part of that, especially knowing all of the hard work we put it behind the scenes. It would be huge.”

Joey Bosa, junior defensive end
On playing Notre Dame
“I’m pretty excited about this matchup – two great teams with great traditions. It’ll be a fun matchup with all of the talent both teams have.”

On Notre Dame’s offense and its similarities to Ohio State
“Talent-wise there are great players everywhere you look. They have an athletic quarterback who can run like J.T. and two big, athletic tackles. There are just great athletes everywhere.”

On playing in a bowl game
“It’s all business to win this game obviously, but we’re going to be laid back like we were last year, visiting the cities we went to and just enjoying the atmosphere and everything else that goes along with playing in a bowl.”

Joshua Perry, senior linebacker
On the possibility of his class winning 50 games in four years
“It would mean a lot. You want to leave here a winner, people remember the last thing you did here, so getting that win will be important. It’ll be a great matchup against a really good team so we have to prepare like we always do and take care of all of our business. But for all of us to go out the right way would be awesome.”

On his preparation for the Fiesta Bowl as a senior
“The best feeling this time of year is being done with finals and really being able to hunker down and prepare. The big thing for us is that some of the players, especially the linebackers, carry so much and we prepare so hard, so we can’t be out there thinking that we have all the answers. It’s going to come down to us being great in our fundamentals, having our base concepts down, having chemistry and being in great condition so we can go out and play hard.”

On the difference between playing in a bowl game versus an away game
“They are very different. For a regular away game we don’t have all that extra time – we get in and get out. So for us it’s about following the play. Coach Meyer has played in a lot of bowl games, a lot of big bowl games too, so he’s had time to figure out how to do it the right way.”