September 26, 2016

Ohio State Player Quotes – 9/26/2016


Sept. 26, 2016

Chris Worley, junior linebacker
On turning turnovers into points
“We’re never satisfied with just a sack, or fumble, or interception. The goal once we make the play is to make it an even better play. So that is definitely an emphasis but at the end of the day we just go out and play.”

On entering the Big Ten portion of the schedule
“Big Ten football is the real deal. There are a lot of good teams in the Big Ten right now; it’s one of, if not the, strongest conference right now. We have a lot of good team we’ll need to play and it’ll be a long journey for us.”

On making the change to rugby style tackling
“It’s the best way to tackle. It not only helped me, but it’s helped everyone here who’s learned it. I know for me, I used to always go for the big hit and I’d miss a few tackles. Coach Fickell would always tell me there are times you can go for the big hit, but sometimes you can’t. Tackling this way has helped me a tremendous amount.”

J.T. Barrett, junior quarterback
On facing a Chris Ash-led Rutgers defense
“I think he’ll have them ready to play. They have a good philosophy, similar to ours. So we’ll be comfortable since we’ve seen it before, but I know he’ll throw in some wrinkles that we’ve never seen before so we’ll need to be ready to go.”

On how he feels running the offense
“I guess you could say I’m more comfortable. This is my fourth year with this offense; no matter who is playing with me I’m just trying to make them better. No matter what year it is, I’m just trying to raise the level of play of those around me. But I’d say I feel more comfortable this year with understanding what we’re doing offensively this year and the ‘why’ of what plays we’re running and that’s all helped me.”

On a backfield consisting of both Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel
“We like that part of our offense. They’re both very talented with the football in their hands and they can both catch it out of the backfield, so we don’t want to go away from that by any means. It opens up so much in our offense when it comes to mismatches. Curtis on a linebacker, things like that. When Dontre gets back there it’s the same thing. They all pose problems for defenses and that’s something we want to exploit.”

On being considered a Heisman Trophy candidate
“I’m not the flashiest player by any means. My main thing is winning, that’s what I’m about. So if winning gives me a Heisman Trophy then I’m okay with that, but I’m not going to change the way I play just to get a trophy. I’m going to be who I am, I like how I play. I have a team mentality going into things so that’s what I’m focused on. I am who I am. I don’t really focus on things like the Heisman.”

Tyquan Lewis, junior defensive lineman
On starting Big Ten play this weekend
“Every game counts in football, but when Big Ten season comes around, you have got to step it up another notch. Every win counts moving forward to what we all want to achieve. I feel like every Big Ten team competes, but especially Rutgers. They have a pretty solid offensive line.”

On the depth along the defensive line
“It’s very beneficial and it keeps a lot of guys fresh. Like the Oklahoma game, a lot of guys played fresh. The reps are almost equally spread out, so we can play fast.”

On Nick Bosa
“He’s coming along great, and he is making strides every day. Someone steps up, then he steps up, and he works hard. His work ethic is incredible.”

On Jalyn Holmes
“He gives us an extra advantage in the pass rushing package. The speed on the inside frightens offensive lineman, and that’s what he brings to the table. He brings another speed guy on the inside.”

On Sam Hubbard’s progress as a defensive lineman
“He has come very far. When he first got here, he moved all around. The main thing about Sam is that he always worked hard. He pays attention to detail. When you tell him something, and he will do it to the best of his ability. He is very coachable and that is something he excels at. He is an all-around great player.”