September 13, 2016

Ohio State Player Quotes


Sept. 13, 2016

Marshon Lattimore, sophomore cornerback

On receiving national recognition for his play this past weekend
“It feels great. I’ve been hurt the last two years, so just being healthy is special for me. But I’m very honored to have received all this recognition.”

On Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield
“We just have to keep him contained, we can’t let him scramble outside the pocket and get down the field with his legs. On the back end we can handle him throwing the ball, but we can’t let him start scrambling.”

On where the secondary is excelling at right now
“Going after the ball and locking every receiver up. We’ve done a good job of just taking it one down at a time.”

On playing in Norman
“We’ll need to play great defense and play well in the running game. We’ll need to be aggressive and we can’t let them get any momentum. As long as we stay locked in and take it one play at a time we’ll be fine.”

J.T. Barrett, junior quarterback

On how the first two games prepared the team for this weekend
“I think we got a lot of good reps these two games and even back in training camp. We know that our practices are hard for a reason, so we can be prepared for the games we’ve already had and the ones coming up. Right now we’re still trying to get better; we’ll spend Tuesday and Wednesday getting game reps and getting ready for Saturday.”

On playing on the road in a hostile environment
“it’ll be a great environment for college football; it’s going to be loud. We’ll be pumping noise at our practices to work on communication this week, so that should help. I’ll do my best to be really loud so next time you talk to me I probably won’t have my voice.”

On how the offensive line has grown
“I’ve seen more maturity and understanding. We had a bad half, and it was because of all of us. So taking ownership for that and learning from mistakes and making adjustments is really important. It was great to see nobody pointing fingers and just getting ready to go out and have a better half.”

On his advice to the younger players for this weekend
“Don’t get caught up in the crowd. We’re in somebody else’s house and we’re not welcome there. So you just need to stay in the moment and be focused on our task at hand, which is to play really good football. Pregame is for looking around and taking it all in. Once kickoff comes you need to be focused on the game.”

On how the game has changed for him since his first year as a starter
“The game has slowed down so much for me since 2014. Even though as the year went on I got a better understanding of the game, I can see everything so much more clearly than I did then. Sometimes I would see something funky and look back towards the coaches for help, now I know what to do when we face certain fronts or pressures.”

Raekwon McMillan, junior linebacker

On if this game feels any different
“We prepare for any game like it’s the biggest game on our schedule. The most important game is always the next game. It does feel a little intensified this week though because we’re going on the road and we have a lot of young guys this year.”

On how he thinks he’s playing this year
“I think I’m playing alright. I can stand to make a couple more plays here and there. I’m not so much focused on how I’m playing individually, but how the defense is playing as a whole, and I think overall we’re playing really well.”

On the new starting linebackers next to him
“Chris Worley is already one of the older guys in the room; not in terms of playing time, but he’s been with this program a long time. Having Jerome out there was a new experience, but he did great for his first time starting in the Shoe.”

On the goal line stand early against Tulsa
“For us it was a momentum swing because they were really driving the ball. They got down into the red zone and we had just turned the ball over, so to make that stop on defense really led to a big surge in momentum for our defense.”

Pat Elflein, senior offensive lineman

On how he’s helping the younger offensive linemen prepare
“We started on them yesterday after practice. I was just in there with Jamarco; we have to get him and Isaiah and Mike Jordan ready. Those guys haven’t been in a hostile environment like this or in a game like this. We’ll be spending this week getting those guys prepared and ready for what they’re about to see.”

His assessment on the offensive line so far
“I’m not worried by any means. We’re getting better; we had a lot of stuff thrown at us last week and it was good to get some experience with everything that went on. I’m sure Oklahoma saw some of the things Tulsa did that threw us off balance so we’ll see some more of that on Saturday. It’s a work in progress, we had good film to learn from.”

On how to play in a loud stadium as an offensive lineman
“You have to be ready for it and work at it in practice. If I can’t make the calls or they can’t hear the calls I’m making then they need to know what calls I would be making. They need to have their heads up and see what’s going on. It comes down to practice and being prepared.”

Sam Hubbard, sophomore defensive end

On defending Baker Mayfield
“I’ve watched some film on him. He’s really elusive, really quick. He seems to be staying in the pocket more this season than he has in the past, but once he feels that pressure he can really take off. So we need to contain him and work the scramble drill a lot this week. He’s a really special player so it’ll be a new challenge.”

On facing an up-tempo offense
Facing Tulsa and even Bowling Green and seeing the tempo they threw at us really prepared us because Oklahoma will do that as well, all good teams do. It’s especially beneficial for the young guys to see how fast this is going to go, so it’s good to have the experience under our belt.”

On Oklahoma’s offensive line and pressuring Baker Mayfield
“They have a big offensive line. We need to stop the run first to even get the opportunity to get to the quarterback, so we’re going to focus on stopping the run to get them to throw the ball and once they throw the ball that’s when we’ll get after him. We’ll need to play fast and tire them out, wear them out.

On the pressure the defensive line has been able to provide so far this season
“It’s just what we’re coached to do. The young guys inside are going to keep improving every week, they just need that experience of going up against a starting offensive line in a game situation and working on their moves. I want to get back their every play and I know everyone else on this line does too.”

On his defensive teammate Malik Hooker
“We’ve played some pickup basketball together and he can dunk it easier than I can and I’m six inches taller. He’s a freak athlete, just like everyone else in our secondary.”

On how well the secondary has played despite not as much on-field experience
“I’m not surprised. They’ve played in games, Malik played on special teams last year and Marshon got into some games last year. Plus they go out in practice and make plays; practices are sometimes harder than games at Ohio State.”