Aug. 19, 2005

Mike D’Andrea, senior linebacker
On the progress of his knee injury
“I have good days and bad days, but I have definitely seen improvement lately. I got it scoped about a month ago and I’m just trying to build up strength to get it back to 100 percent.”

On getting an extra year
“I am waiting on the NCAA right now to find out if I will get another year, so until then I won’t really know what I will do this year as far as playing once my knee is better or not. I should find out by then end of this month or early September.”

On the highly touted linebacker crew living up to expectations
“I feel that they have already proven their ability last year, like (Anthony) Schlegel being ready to come in for me. Every one has gotten faster, smarter and in general feels more comfortable with each other, which can only make you play better.”

Nick Mangold, senior center
On the depth of the offensive line
“There has been a lot of depth this season. We have been running four groups at practice and in all the years I’ve been here we’ve never had four groups. There are a lot of people working hard, so it’s not just numbers of people, everyone’s working.”

On training with Todd Boeckman
“Todd’s doing really well. Starting out, he was a little slow and had some jitters, but he has settled down. He is a good guy. Having the three quarterbacks is kind of a blessing in disguise because we know we have three great guys who can come in. We just have to decide who needs to come in.”

On the jersey scrimmage
“Being the last one, I want to go out and beat the defense. I know that if we can beat our defense we can beat anyone. We have one of the best defenses in America.”

Brandon Mitchell, junior safety
On the defense in camp
“Coach Tressel said this was the hardest week and we have to start to get after things. This week will separate average teams from national championship teams. As a defense, this week we’ve really started to gain our identity. The first week we were really figuring things out, but now we’re finding out what we’re good at. There’s competition at every spot. Everyone wants to play all the time.” On the jersey scrimmage
“I think the scrimmage will be high intensity. For three years I’ve been without the red jersey. We want the jersey’s back. Pride’s a big factor, we want to win. We’re treating it like a real game.”

On graduate school
“As an undergrad I took 20 hours of class, or four classes. So now I only have two classes, so there will be less class time but I’ll probably have more stuff to do outside of class. I’m sure it will be difficult.”

### Go Bucks! ###