Aug. 17, 2005

Doug Datish, junior offense guard
On practice
“Practice is going better this week than last week, just because of the weather. This week has been a lot cooler. Last week we were playing in ninety degree heat.”

On the depth of the offensive line
“The depth of the offensive line this year is a little deeper then last year. For myself, I’m still playing all around like last year, but this year I know there are people to fill in at spots. The way Coach (Jim) Bollman teaches us is to be able to play anywhere. I know anyone can get plugged in anywhere and be confident in that position.”

On the importance of the scrimmage Saturday
“After the jersey scrimmage we really start looking at the season. Before the scrimmage it’s still preseason. The scrimmage is important for a couple reasons. One, for the jerseys, because everyone wants the privilege of wearing the red jersey. Two, at the scrimmage is where we really begin to find personnel, and where people can play.”

Quinn Pitcock, junior defensive tackle
On the defense
“I think at the scrimmage the defense needs to set the tone. They need to come out and attack and make plays. The defense has potential and talent. We just need to make that talent useful.”

On playing fast in practice
“We definitely have been playing fast. We still need to make plays, though. We need to do our jobs. Our offensive line is a middle-set weight compared to other teams. They can move, but they still play tough-nosed football.”

On making plays along the defensive line
“We decided we need to stop watching them (the linebackers) make plays. It’s great to know they’re back there, but we’re the first line of defense. We need to make our plays and let them clean things up after that.”

On the importance of the scrimmage
“The jersey scrimmage for the scarlet jersey is a big deal for us. We haven’t had the jersey for almost a year now. It’s really how we set the defense and when we start to realize what we have to do.”

Anthony Gonzalez, sophomore wide receiver
On how it feels to be a part of this receiving corps
“There has been a lot of praise heaped upon us. I just hope that we will live up to it. It is amazing, I mean these guys are brilliant, and I feel like we all have something to bring to the table. It is an honor to play alongside these guys.”

On a “light bulb” moment during the season last year
“I definitely had a moment last year. We had lost a few games and I sat down with Coach Tressel and asked him what I could do to help out the team. He told me that I needed to improve my speed, block better and always give 100 percent. I just had to get over my own mental block and once I got through that, I knew myself that I would be able to give something to this team.”

On what camp has been like
“It is as much of a mental battle as it is physical. You are working very, very hard, you wake up sore, you sit down sore, and you tie your shoe sore. But in the end you know it will be worth it and that’s what keeps you going.”

Donte Whitner, junior strong safety On preseason camp
“We have been working really hard and guys have been getting tired, but we have to push through this week and overcome it. It is expected to have small injuries and be sore. Every team in America is feeling this way and if they don’t they aren’t working hard enough. It is a mental challenge to overcome the pain.”

On the freshman class
“Malcolm Jenkins is getting noticed. He has had a lot of picks. Jamario O’Neal is also stepping up. They are starting to look like veterans out there. They are picking up everything faster, which will give them the opportunity to play.”

On the offseason
“In the offseason I bulked up to about 209 pounds, but now I cut down to 205. I knew I would lose a good four to five pounds at camp. This summer I focused on maintaining speed and keeping in shape.”

On the defensive line
“Last year we didn’t have a lot of experience. There were a lot of new guys, but this year we are much more experienced. We now feel comfortable out there together. It helps knowing you have good guys out there that have game experience and will be there to cover if you make any mistakes.”

### Go Bucks! ###