Aug. 15, 2005

Roy Hall, junior split end
On preseason camp
“Camp is going really well. We’ve been practicing fast and playing fast. We seem to be picking things up. As far as myself, I just want to keep working hard and make sure I always play fast. The fundamentals are already there. I just want to make sure I take care of the details and keep up the leadership for the young guys.”

On preparing the freshmen
“You have to talk about the things you went through with the freshmen. That way, when they encounter that situation, they know what to do.”

On getting used to the quarterbacks
“That’s what you use preseason for, to get used to the quarterbacks. Troy (Smith) and Justin (Zwick) we’re used to because we played with them last year, but Todd (Boeckman) we have to spend some time getting used to.”

On the lack of headlines for the offense
“I like having the offense in the dark so teams won’t really know what to expect. The defense is great and I’m glad they get that attention because they need to get ready for the season.”

Ashton Youboty, junior cornerback
On the second week in camp
“This week is the toughest week in camp. We have the most two-a-days this week. The first week we were just getting used to the shells and helmets. They’re getting the best out of us.”

On the versatility of his position
“I’ll do whatever the coaches think is best. I’m better with the left and right, but I can do either. I like the field corner because you can get a better reaction and you have more room to cover. I’m just concentrating on covering our receivers. Once I cover them, I’ll be prepared to go up against anyone in the nation.”

On the jersey scrimmage
“We’re playing for the jerseys. I think in all my years I’ve only had the red jersey for about two weeks. We want to get those jerseys and we want to get the younger guys up to tempo.” Mike Kudla, senior defensive end
On being a senior
“We definitely have to take the pressure on us, but I think we will thrive off of that. We work really well together. We have always had great seniors ahead of us, so the bar has been set high and I hope to continue that standard.”

On living up to the national championship team
“That is a tough challenge. That is something that is always in the back of your mind, but we have been working hard and focusing on our year. We have really been gelling as a team and we feel that the national championship is definitely something we could achieve this year.”

On overcoming his severe illness as a freshman
“My freshman year was hard. Doctors were telling me I would never be able to play again. Now I am the strongest I have ever been in my football career and I feel the best I have ever felt. I just feel really blessed to be where I am today.”

T.J. Downing
On the depth of the offensive line
“We have been able to run four lines for the first time since I have been at Ohio State. That’s good because it allows some guys to rest while others get more reps. It can only mean good things to have guys that are able to step up if need be.”

On his progress
“It’s cool to see my work pay off. Last year at this time I didn’t know how my playing time was going to be and where I would stand, so it’s nice to be there. It allows you to gel with the guy next to you in a way you aren’t able to if you are in and out of the lineup. You can never get to comfortable, though. We have great guys coming up behind us, so I am always working to earn my spot.”

On next Saturday’s Scrimmage
“That is one of the most important days of camp. It allows the coaches to see who will be the biggest contributors, and pushes guys to step up in ways they may not have yet. It’s always nice to be wearing that scarlet jersey and I’d like to keep it.”