Aug. 12, 2005

Senior fullback Brandon Schnittker
On balancing the running game and the passing game
“With the amount of talent we have at receiver it’s good to have them on the field as much as possible. We’re not able to achieve all of our goals, though, without a running game. We practice the running game every day. I think you have to achieve a balance between the running game and the passing game to really be successful.”

On being down 15 pounds
“On the field you have to use the talents and skills you have. I still have the speed and force, but being down 15 pounds I think will help me be more effective while I’m playing.”

On diversity of plays
“It’s not about having 500 plays and a huge amount of diversity. It’s about having your amount of plays and doing those plays well.”

On his final time in camp
“Sometimes it seems to go really fast and sometimes it’s really slow. I came in this year and some of the players were only 17 years old. I feel like an old man. I just want to use camp to get better and improve. As a senior, you want to keep your last season going as long as possible, but I look at it as right now we have 99 days guaranteed to play.”

Senior cornerback Tyler Everett
On confidence in stopping the passing game
“Our ultimate goal is to stop the run and force the pass. I feel that we have the best receiving team in the country, so if we do well against them in camp, I think we can go against anybody. If you have that confidence, you’re going to do well.”

On changing positions
“I just want to play, so there was no question for me if I would be OK playing corner. I will go out and play corner or safety, whatever lets me play.”

On his last camp
“I can’t say camp isn’t different this year, because it’s my last one so I want to make it my best one. But you want to treat every camp like it’s the last one so you practice and play hard.”

Senior tight end Ryan Hamby
On wanting to be successful his senior year
“It’s now or never. We have to take this opportunity now. There is no turning back.”

On wanting to have a big year for himself
“Yes this is definitely an important year. This is my last year here and I would love be playing somewhere next year. If you look at the 2002 national championship team, so many of those guys were able to go on and play in the NFL, so I think that proves if we are successful as a team and get to California at the end of the season, it will happen.”

Senior linebacker Anthony Schlegel
On the start of fall camp
“We are getting back into it. It’s great to have everyone healthy and have so many talented guys out there. We know we have to get the job done. Coach Heacock really has us focused. He tells us all the time, whether it’s in a walk-through or practice, that focus is the most important thing. He knows when we’re not focused. He wants us to be perfect.”

On having veterans on the defensive side of the ball
“It’s nice because we know what’s going on. Coach Fickell will ask us questions while he is teaching the younger guys. Granted we know a lot but you always have to keep learning.”

### Go Bucks! ###