Aug. 26, 2003

Senior defensive lineman Tim Anderson
On senior leadership:
“Last year we had a great group of seniors. They always inspired me to step up my level of play. This year our challenge is to inspire other individuals on the team to step up their level of play.”

On Saturday night’s game:
“I think we are exactly were we need to be, heading into Saturday. Our team is focused and we ready to go.”

Senior quarterback Craig Krenzel
On getting started:
“It’s great to get started. We relish in the opportunity to represent Ohio State on a national stage.”

On the pressures of the 2003 season:
“There is going to be a lot of pressure put on us this season. But we don’t really focus on the pressures that other people put on us, because we put the most pressure on ourselves.”

Senior Split End Michael Jenkins
On the receivers:
“We have a lot of talent. With all of us coming back from last season and only losing one guy, we all know what we have to do. We have the experience. We’ll see how Washington matches up with us. They play a little bit of man and a little bit of zone. It will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.

On the game:
“It going to be a great feeling. I can’t wait. I remember when we had a sign in the weight room that said the game was 90 days away. That seemed like forever. Now it’s four days. We are ready to go.”