Oct. 1, 2017

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Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer

On QB J.T. Barrett’s place in history
“It’s incredible when they told me he broke (Art Schlichter)’s record as the number one quarterback in passing yardage. That was an era I remember, that I grew up watching him play. I remember there was a thought that would never be broken. I almost thought that would never be broken. So it’s an awesome honor.”

On being on a roll
“Yeah, we’re on a roll. We’re also realistic. The one thing I just appreciate our team coming out playing. We have video tape of a team that had Washington, I believe, was 10-7 in the fourth quarter. That kind of caught got our attention, especially the way they were playing on defense. They approached last week like their hair was on fire. They did a nice job.”

On running back Mike Weber and getting J.K. Dobbins involved
“He was only averaging 4.4, but I thought it was more than that. You saw what I saw, he ran hard. He’s got the rust knocked off him a little bit, but there’s no doubt we want to get both those kids (Mike and JK) involved. Now that we know he’s cleared, finally cleared, pain free. For a while there he was fighting through the scar tissue. It was a significant tear right before training camp. They almost had to do surgery on him so we were dealing with maybe a year loss right before training camp. He came back fast and had another little setback, but now it’s go. It’s going to be enjoyable to have those two to work with.”

On what the team takes away from tonight’s game
“Guys came out like pros and beat a team, like I said, had Washington 10-7. We understand there are a lot of good players playing that have to get better. That’s how you get better.

“When you ask that question `what do we get out of this’. We came into a Big Ten opponent, that has played some pretty good football in the past, and won a game. The guys were pros. We got a lot out of it. We got a win. We got some young guys playing and some guys some game experience.”

On the defensive effort
“Defense was very good. We shut out a Big Ten opponent. I think the pass defense is getting better and moving forward it’s going to have to get better.”

On the play of WR Johnnie Dixon
“I want to point out one guy Marcus Baugh only had three catches. The whole principle of straining and selflessness, he’s the one that got Johnnie loose on that one. I haven’t see it, but they were saying upstairs you could see it, he was the one who set him free. He hasn’t been that kind of player, the strain and knock your teammate in end zone like he did. Johnnie caught the ball and ran fast. People blocked for him.”

On the growth of the receivers
“I was actually disappointed in the first quarter tonight. I was really disappointed when we didn’t hit the plays we have to hit early on. But we came back and started hitting them. I don’t know if our receivers played like I expected them to play. I think we expect more out of them.”

On Rutgers coach Chris Ash
“I love Chris. Chris is a friend. I think they are getting better. I think this is a great state to recruit in. I know they respect Chris. I see his feel on that defense. I think offense, they have a ways to go. Much respect, I think they have the right coach. It’s going to take time to build.”

On Greg Schiano’s return to Rutgers
“I kind of brought it up a few times. We used to talk all the time. I remember when they lit up the Manhattan skyline scarlet. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I think that was when they beat Louisville. I think that also helped the Gators get into the national championship. I really appreciate that.”

#16 QB J.T. Barrett

On having Mike Weber on the field
“I think J.K. (Dobbins) loves it because now he gets a little break every now and then. But, those guys going back and forth are going to create a little havoc for the defense. They’re top running backs in the country.”

On the offensive performance
“We made some good plays down-field. I think there was too much miscommunication on my part with some of the protection stuff and getting our guys into positions to make plays. Other than that, I think the receivers did a good job of running down-field. There are some things we can clean up for sure. I feel good about it, I absolutely enjoyed the win but we have to get back to work tomorrow.”

On the team’s performance improving along with his individual performances
“Everybody has a job to do. I have to do my job and play well each and every Saturday. The defense is going to do their part. Everybody is going to have to chip in and do their part. I just have to focus on getting the offense going and do my job at a high level.”

#7 S Damon Webb

On the biggest difference this year compared to last
“There’s more confidence out there on the field. I’m the veteran back there, so the young guys feed off me. So, I provide energy and you could definitely see it in my play.”

On being on a roll following the last three games
“Yeah, we’re definitely on a roll. You know, the defense, I feel like this is a huge game for us. It’s our first shutout and, like I said last week, we’re getting better and better each week. So, next week we’re back to the drawing board and getting ready for Maryland.”

On whether he felt people were dissatisfied with the secondary during the first portion of the season
“We really don’t look at people looking from the outside, in. We always focus on us and getting better each and every week. So, we don’t really pay attention to people on the outside looking in, at us.”

On the importance of the shutout
“We’re all competitors and we want to compete at the highest level. We’ve been looking for a shutout and we finally got it.”

#1 WR Johnnie Dixon

On his performance
“It felt great. I’m still a little mad about the one they called back, but you can’t do anything about it. I was slapping his hand down, he was trying to hold me, but that’s the game.”

On the team being on a roll
“Yeah, we’re finally connecting. We’re getting our communication and things down. We’re getting on a roll for sure.”

On being part of J.T. Barrett’s record
“It’s very, very special. When you’ve got a guy like J.T. who does everything right, he’s just a program guy, he’s selfless. It’s great being a part of that.”

On J.T.’s reaction to receiving the game ball
“He was hype, but he gave recognition to everyone else. That’s the kind of guy he is.”

On J.T.’s throwing
“I think he threw them well today. We need to come down and make some of those plays. Sometimes, it’s not always on the QB. If you give us a 50/50 ball, we’ve got to make the play.”

#54 C Billy Price

On the team building momentum
“I think we’re building a lot of momentum on offense. We’re figuring out what’s good for us and what’s not so good for us, given the different defensive looks that they’re giving us up front. So, we’ve just got to continue building momentum, that’s what it’s about right now. Taking every game one snap at a time and continue to build momentum, especially on the offensive line.”

On being part of J.T. Barrett’s record
“It’s huge. I give a lot of credit to him as a leader, as a worker, and as a fifth year senior out of that 2013 recruiting class. There have been a lot of positive things that have come from that class. As J.T. continues to write his own legacy within the Ohio State University record books, it’s just unbelievable and I’m glad to be part of it.”

On J.T. Barrett’s performance
“He felt confident back there. Again, he’s under a lot of scrutiny but when he’s throwing the ball like that, everybody loves him.”

On J.T. Barrett gaining confidence
“Absolutely. If we’re confident up front, he doesn’t have to worry so much. There are things that we can handle up front for him and that’s one thing off his plate so he can continue to make sure his receivers, tight ends, and running backs are all on the same page. If you take the offensive line out of the equation, we’re in good shape.”