Feb. 11, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio -The Ohio State synchronized swimming team opened its weekend of competition at Richmond Saturday. The Buckeyes swept all four routine events and finished first with a score of 89. George Mason University claimed second with 45 points, followed by University of Richmond with 32 points.

Katie Spada, Khadija Zanotto and Kayley Colville topped all trio routines with a score of 88.000. The Buckeye trio of Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson and Paige Ramsey placed second with 85.250 points. Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard and Samantha Golomb performed an honors routine and posted a score of 85.000.

Up next, Yuliya Maryanko and Ramsey placed first in the duet, recording 89.250 points. The Spider duo of Sophia Diamond and Arantxa Nin came in second (75.500).

Maryanko finished first in solo, tallying a season-high score of 91.000. Kristine Irwin claimed second place, scoring 86.750.

The Gray Team, comprised of Isabella Conrad, Natalie Gaylard, Julia Gaylard, Caitlin Hoffman, Kristine Irwin, Cory Justice, Jennifer Mann and Heidi Liou, captured first place with a score of 88.250. George Mason collected 63.500 points and placed second in the team event.

The Buckeyes will continue to compete on the road Feb. 23-24 for a two-day event at Boston University. They will return to Columbus, Ohio, to host the North Regional Championships at 2 p.m. March 2 at McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.

Richmond/Ohio State/George Mason

Feb. 9, 2013

University of Richmond

Richmond, Va.

Overall Team Scores:

1. The Ohio State University – 89

2. George Mason University – 45

3. University of Richmond – 32


1. Katie Spada, Khadija Zanotto, Kayley Colville (Ohio State) – 88.000

2. Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State) – 85.250

Honors Routine – Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Samantha Golomb (Ohio State) – 85.000


1. Yuliya Maryanko, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State) – 89.250

2. Sophia Diamond, Arantxa Nin (Richmond) – 75.500

3. Evan Petschke, Sophie Polnow (George Mason) – 73.000

4. Alexandra Farrington, Michelle Vidal (George Mason) – 61.500


1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 91.00

2. Kristine Irwin (Ohio State) – 86.750

3. Jenny Jarboe (Richmond) – 79.250

4. Sophia Diamond (Richmond) – 74.750

5. Evan Petschke (George Mason) – 69.000


1. Isabella Conrad, Natalie Gaylard, Julia Gaylard, Caitlin Hoffman, Kristine Irwin, Cory Justice, Jennifer Mann, Heidi Liou (Ohio State Gray) – 88.250

2. Alexandra Farrington, Rebecca Howell, Evan Petschke, Sophie Polnow, Julia Rocke, Michelle Vidal, Emma Rojas (George Mason) – 63.500