Feb. 10, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio- The Ohio State fencing team completed competition at the DeCicco Duals, hosted by Notre Dame, Saturday. The Buckeyes earned an 8-2 record, with both the No. 2 women’s squad and No. 4 men’s squad contributing a score of 4-1.

Both Ohio State squads opened competition vs. Northwestern. The sabre unit led the men’s squad, 9-0, with foil and epee earning a 7-2 and 6-3 record, respectively. Both the sabre unit and foil unit tallied 7-2 victories over the No. 9 Northwestern women’s squad, while the epee unit fell one match short, 4-5.

The men’s sabre unit continued strong, sweeping their next two opponents, Wayne State and Detroit. They ended the day, 35-10, highlighted by a 12-0 performance from Andy Choi. Kristian Boyadzhiev, 7-0, and Alec Walker, 6-0, both contributed victories to the men’s epee 36-9 record.

The sabre unit led the women’s squad, 34-11, highlighted by freshman Kimberly Young, 12-3, and Sterling Streb, 8-1. Only two fencers, Kyjah Coryat and Mai Shaito, competed for the foil unit vs. Detroit and vs. Cleveland State. The only losses suffered by the women’s squad vs. Cleveland State were a result of the missing fencer.  

The Buckeyes suffered their losses to the No. 2 Penn State men’s squad, 11-16, and the No. 6 Penn State women’s squad, 12-15, in their final round. The men’s epee unit notched a 6-3 victory, highlighted by Boyadzhiev winning all three of his bouts.  The women’s foil unit, consisting of Mona Shaito, Coryat and Mai Shaito, edged Penn State, 5-4.

Ohio State fencing returns to the strips at the Junior Olympics, Feb. 14-17, in Portland, Ore. The next event hosted in Columbus, Ohio, will be the 2014 NCAA Fencing Championships, March 20-23.

No. 4 Men’s (4-1)
Ohio State def. Northwestern, 22-5 (sabre: 9-0, foil: 7-2, epee: 6-3)
Ohio State def. Wayne State, 23-4 (sabre: 9-0, foil: 7-2, epee: 7-2)
Ohio State def. Detroit, 25-2 (sabre: 9-0, foil: 7-2, epee: 9-0)
Ohio State def. Cleveland State, 20-7 (sabre: 6-3, foil: 6-3, epee: 8-1)
No. 2 Penn State def. Ohio State, 16-11 (sabre: 7-2, foil: 6-3, epee: 3-6)

No. 2 Women’s (4-1)
Ohio State def. No. 9 Northwestern, 18-9 (sabre: 7-2, foil: 7-2, epee: 4-5)
Ohio State def. Wayne State, 23-4 (sabre: 7-2, foil: 9-0, epee: 7-2)
Ohio State def. Detroit, 22-5 (sabre: 8-1, foil: 6-3, epee: 8-1)
Ohio State def. Cleveland State, 24-3 (sabre: 9-0, foil: 6-3, epee: 9-0)
No. 6 Penn State def. Ohio State, 15-12 (sabre: 6-3, foil: 4-5, epee: 5-4