July 8, 2021

Ohio State Digs in On Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Department of Athletics is committed to supporting student-athletes and their pursuit of name, image, likeness (NIL) activities in accordance with applicable NCAA and/or state or federal laws. Since the passing of an executive order by Gov. Michael DeWine on July 1, Ohio State student-athletes have begun taking advantage of various NIL opportunities in and around Columbus, as well as nationwide.

“This is certainly a unique time in college athletics, and we are fully supporting our student-athletes to help them take advantage of every opportunity,” said senior associate athletic director Carey Hoyt. “We have designed a number of ways for our student-athletes to build and utilize their brand and we are hopeful that our community will engage with the student-athletes in those opportunities.”

Through the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute (EDSLI), Ohio State student-athletes will be able to take advantage of NIL educational programming via Opendorse Ready™ + Darlow Rules. The unique program, tailored specifically for Ohio State, is called THE Platform™.

The NIL guidelines, which were put in place by the state of Ohio and the NCAA, apply to a student-athlete when they initially enroll as a full-time student or when they begin official practice at Ohio State. Some of those guidelines include:

  • Student-athletes must disclose all compensated NIL activities to Ohio State through Opendorse prior to the activity occurring.
  • Student-athletes must provide the work agreed upon in the NIL agreement in order to receive compensation.
  • Student-athletes may not wear or use Ohio State trademarked property while performing NIL activities or use Ohio State facilities during NIL activities without prior approval from Ohio State.
  • Student-athletes may not participate in NIL activities during required team activities such as practice and competitions
  • No Ohio State coaches or staff may be involved in any way with NIL Activities.