May 6, 2001%^$



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%^$COLUMBUS, Ohio–The Ohio State men’s and women’s track team held their own against strong competition during the 16th Jesse Owens Track and Field Classic Sunday, May 7 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. In their only home meet of the season, the team grabbed nine first-place awards and nine second-place awards in a full day of competition.%^$

%^$Among the brightest stars for the Buckeyes was All-American Andrew Pierce (Sr. Yellow Springs, Ohio). Pierce took the 400-meter crown with a NCAA automatic qualifying time of 45.02 seconds. He also ran the anchor leg in the second-place 4×100-relay of Nosa Ehimwenman (Fr., Homewood, Ill.), Joel Brown (So., Baltimore, Md.) and Ryan Grear (Jr., Barnesville, Ohio), which ran a seson-best time of 41.08, and the No. 12 4×400 relay of Courtney Cornwall (Sr., Inwood, N.Y.), Thomas Dickson (Sr., St. Vincent, West Indies), and Brown to a first place finish with a time of 3:07.90.%^$

%^$Other first-place finishers include George Hoover (Fr., Erie, Pa), who easily outdistanced the rest of the javelin field with his launch of 69.54 meters, a NCAA provisional qualifying mark. Nosa Ehimwenmen (Fr., Homewood, Ill), took first in the triple jump with a mark of 15.13m and Derrick Butler (So., Cincinnati, Ohio), who won the 3,000-meter run with a time of 8:22.91.%^$

%^$In addition, Jeff Matcha, (Jr., Middleton, Wis.) tallied a season best 55.76 meter toss in the hammer throw and Brad Hart (Fr., Centerburg, Ohio) captured second place in the high jump with a leap of 2.08 meters.%^$

%^$The unranked Buckeyes outfought Alabama and Washington, who are ranked No. 6 and No. 12, respectively, in the latest Trackwire Top 25 Power Rankings. The Crimson Tide won four events and placed second in the 400 hurdles while Washington claimed three first place and four second place awards.%^$

%^$All-American Donica Merriman (Sr., Trotwood, Ohio) led the women with individual wins in the 100-meter hurdles (13.19) and a season-best time of 23.41 in the 200-meter dash, both NCAA provisional qualifying times. She also anchored the second place 4×100-meter relay of Onica Frasier (So., Brooklyn, N.Y.), Tina Johnson (Sr., Burlington, N.J.) and Dalanda Jackson (Fr., Shaker Heights, Ohio), which ran a season-best time of 45.49.%^$

%^$The women throwers continued their dominance in field events this season by winning two out of four individual events. Katy Craig (Jr., Hilliard, Ohio) received winning accolades in the hammer throw with a toss of 57.09 meters while Alexis McCall’s(Fr., Elyria, Ohio) toss of 15.46 meters in the shot put gave her the win. Both throwers posted NCAA provisional qualifying marks.%^$

%^$In other events, Tami Smith (So., Galloway, Ohio) placed second in the high jump with a mark of 1.69 meters and Katy Stevens (Jr., Upper Arlington) finished second in the 3,000-meter run with a time of 10:15.64. In the javelin, Keeley Hancox (Jr., Franklin, Pa.) had a season-best throw of 40.36 meters to earn a third place finish.%^$

%^$The women took home four first place finishes, placed in the Top five in eleven events, the Top 10 in seven events and tallied nine season bests in morning and afternoon competition.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes travel to Bloomington, Indiana to compete in the Billy Hayes Invitational Saturday, May 12 at the Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex. Events are scheduled to begin at 12:00 p.m. CST.%^$



Jesse Owens Track Classic%^$Columbus, Ohio%^$May 6, 2001%^$


Morning Events — Women%^$

%^$Hammer Throw%^$1. Katy Craig Ohio State 57.09m (187-4) @%^$2. Jackie Jescheling Unattached 56.29m (184-8)%^$3. April Phillips Michigan 54.90m (180-1)%^$12. Holly Carr Ohio State 39.33m (129-0)%^$

%^$Javelin Throw%^$1. Megan Sprenerbach Washington 47.50m (155-10)%^$2. Vesnal Chadihouska Eastern Michigan 41.18m (135-1)%^$3. Keeley Hancox Ohio State 40.36m (132-5) SB%^$5. Desiree Jones Ohio State 35.70m (117-1)%^$8. Nicholette Chambers Ohio State 34.24m (112-4) SB%^$11. Cheridy Ryan Ohio State 26.96m (88-5) SB%^$

%^$400 meters%^$1. Lashonda Cutchin Clemson 55.93%^$2. Tina Johnson Ohio State 56.24%^$3. Shanna Ashley Michigan State 56.91%^$6. Rhondalynn Crawford Ohio State 58.32%^$

%^$100 meter hurdles%^$1. Kyana Elder Clemson 13.75%^$2. Molly Logan Ohio State 14.40 SB%^$3. Brandi Hogan Ohio State 14.41%^$4. Nicholette Chambers Ohio State 14.52 SB%^$

%^$1,500 meter run%^$1. Kate Spigel Washington 4:46.71%^$2. Holly Bright Western Carolina 4:48.73%^$3. Whitney Woods Western Carolina 4:51.57%^$5. Sara Sergent Ohio State 5:01.08%^$6. Karyn Kelly Ohio State 5:12.52%^$

%^$200 meter dash%^$1. Lashonda Cutchin Clemson 24.58%^$2. Shannon Murray Clemson 24.82%^$3. Chivaun Bartby Eastern Michigan 25.03%^$6. Nicholette Chambers Ohio State 25.72%^$9. Rhondalynn Crawford Ohio State 26.22%^$

%^$400-meter hurdles%^$1. Nylla Littlejohn Clemson 1:00.14%^$2. Jewel Walters Eastern Michigan 1:03.02%^$3. Shaline Rankin Michigan 1:03.71%^$10. Molly Logan Ohio State 1:06.27%^$12. Lindsay Brown Ohio State 1:06.99%^$15. Brandi Hogan Ohio State 1:10.08 SB%^$16. Jamaica Wright Ohio State 1:10.41%^$

%^$Afternoon Events — Women%^$

%^$4×100-meter relay%^$1. Iowa State 45.14%^$2. Ohio State 45.49 SB%^$(Onica Frasier, Tina Johnson, Dalanda Jackson, Donica Merriman)%^$3. Michigan 46.06%^$

%^$400-meter hurdles%^$1. Nadja Petersen Tulane 57.18%^$2. Kelsey Sheppard Washington 59.09%^$3. Aja Farris Kent State 59.19%^$4. Dalanda Jackson Ohio State 1:00.55%^$

%^$800-meter run%^$1. Angela Milner Tulane 2:10.43%^$2. Keeya McManus Unattached 2:10.94%^$3. Erica Murdock Unattached 2:11.71%^$6. Mandy Osmond Ohio State 2:13.21 SB%^$9. Brooke Patterson Ohio State 2:23.17%^$

%^$400-meter dash%^$1. Michelle Burgher Clemson 52.74%^$2. Michelle Davis Unattached 52.97%^$3. Shekera Weston Clemson 53.98%^$4. Onica Fraser Ohio State 54.35%^$

%^$100-meter hurdles%^$1. Donica Merriman Ohio State 13.19 @%^$2. Ellakisha Williamson Unattached 13.24%^$3. Kyana Elder Clemson 13.58%^$

%^$200-meter dash%^$1. Donica Merriman Ohio State 23.41 @ SB%^$2. Oluwaseun Adetiba Iowa State 23.62%^$3. Erica Witter Adidas Canada 23.78%^$

%^$3,000-meter run%^$1. Ann Aoki Washington 9:46.99%^$2. Kati Stevens Ohio State 10:15.64%^$3. Katie Bonner Michigan State 10:31.06%^$

%^$High Jump%^$1. Lynn Houston Unattached 1.79m (5-10 1/2)%^$2. Tami Smith Ohio State 1.69m (5-6 1/2)%^$3. Virginia Lacombe Western Carolina 1.69m (5-6 1/2)%^$6. Natalie Gentry Ohio State 1.65m (5-5)%^$

%^$Pole Vault%^$1. Hanna Palamaa Eastern Michigan 4.03m (13-2 1/2)%^$2. Mandy McLane Clemson 3.65m (11-11 3/4)%^$3. Valerie Jalagas Western Carolina 3.65m (11-11 3/4)%^$17. Rebecca Heintz Ohio State 3.05m (10-0) SB%^$

%^$Discus Throw%^$1. Roberta Collins Unattached 54.36m (178-4)%^$2. Krista Keir Unattached 52.96m (173-9)%^$3. Jamine Molton Clemson 52.18 (171-2)%^$5. Katy Craig Ohio State 46.78m (153-6)%^$6. Erin Carter Ohio State 46.51m (152-7) PR%^$9. Alexis McCall Ohio State 44.34m (145-6)%^$

%^$Shot Put%^$1. Alexis McCall Ohio State 15.46m (50-8 3/4) @%^$2. Adriane Blewitt Ashland 15.46m (50-8 3/4)%^$3. Krista Keir Unattached 14.84m (48-8 1/4)%^$5. Erin Carter Ohio State 14.48m (47-6 1/4)%^$13. Desiree Jones Ohio State 11.66m (38-3 1/4)%^$15. Holly Carr Ohio State 11.08m (36-4 1/4)%^$

%^$Morning Events — Men%^$

%^$Hammer Throw%^$1. John McEwen Unattached 69.04m (226-6))%^$2. Kevin Mannon NY Athletic Club 68.22m (223-10)%^$3. Matt Kaunnagh Unattached 64.05m (210-2)%^$5. Justin Cavinee Ohio State 57.48m (188-7)%^$6. Andrew Saurer Ohio State 56.11m (184-1)%^$7. Jeff Matcha Ohio State 55.76m (182-11) SB%^$9. Jon Norman Ohio State 54.80m (179-9)%^$11. Rusty Azbell Ohio State 52.23m (171-4)%^$12. John Lageman Ohio State 49.96m (163-11)%^$

%^$Javelin Throw%^$1. George Hoover Ohio State 69.54m (228-2) @%^$2. Seth Jens Washington 59.98m (196-9)%^$3. John Ferguson Ohio State 57.36m (188-2)%^$5. Rob Aldredge Ohio State 45.74m (150-1)%^$


%^$100-Meter Dash%^$1. Ron Bramlett Alabama 10.66%^$2. Deandre Alexander Washington 10.89%^$3. Edison Francis Ohio State 11.09%^$6. Alan Overmyer Ohio State 11.48%^$7. Rob Aldredge Ohio State 11.70%^$

%^$110-Meter High Hurdles%^$1. Ron Bramlett Alabama 13.81%^$2. Greg Barber Washington 14.83%^$3. Marcus James Washington 15.86%^$4. Rob Aldredge Ohio State 16.71%^$

%^$800-Meter Run%^$1. Josh Cook BGSU 1:56.43%^$2. Zach Schaengold Ohio State 1:57.19%^$3. John Pacak Ohio State 1:57.44%^$6. Greg Willis Ohio State 1:57.90%^$8. Keith Chambers Ohio State 1:58.25%^$

%^$1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Skipper Hayes Wheeling Jesuit 4:06.56%^$2. Brad Newsad Ohio State 4:10.93%^$3. John Warner Ohio State 4:32.28%^$

%^$200-meter dash%^$1. Deandre Alexander Washington 21.90%^$2. Joe Smith Wheeling Jesuit 22.02%^$3. Kurt Downes Windsor Univ 22.40%^$4. Alan Overmyey Ohio State 23.23%^$

%^$Afternoon Events — Men%^$

%^$4×100-meter relay%^$1. Alabama 40.88%^$2. Ohio State 41.08%^$(Nosa Ehimwenman, Joel Brown, Ryan Grear, Andrew Pierce)%^$3. Wheeling Jesuit 42.30%^$

%^$1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Dustin Duke Washington 3:48.60%^$2. Ian Conner Ohio State 3:48.92%^$3. Raymond Wheeden Unattached 3:49.00%^$6. Nate Hutchinson Ohio State 3:53.61%^$

%^$400-Meter Int. Hurdles%^$1. James Carter Octagon 49.83%^$2. Oneil Wright Alabama 52.38%^$3. Brad Goodrich Washington 52.70%^$4. Courtney Cornwall Ohio State 52.79%^$

%^$800-Meter Run%^$1. Winston Tidwell Unattached 1:50.02%^$2. Jeff Limpert Unattached 1:50.11%^$3. Ricky Bell E. Carolina 1:50.15%^$6. Rob Myers Ohio State 1:51.00%^$

%^$400-Meter Dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce Ohio State 45.02 #%^$2. James Alexander E. Carolina 46.87%^$3. Jevon Mason Alabama 47.36%^$7. Thomas Dickson Ohio State 49.09%^$

%^$110-Meter High Hurdles%^$1. Ron Bramlett Alabama 13.68%^$2. Montrell Person Georgia Tech 14.10%^$3. Ron Andrews Kent State 14.26%^$8. Joel Brown Ohio State 14.68%^$9. Ryan Grear Ohio State 15.25%^$

%^$3,000-Meter Run%^$1. Derrick Butler Ohio State 8:22.91%^$2. Jeff Mulder Michigan 8:30.26%^$3. John White Ohio State 8:32.14%^$4. Ian Conner Ohio State 8:33.77%^$7. Joe Barnes Ohio State 8:48.54%^$8. Tim Miller Ohio State 8:56.17%^$

%^$3,000-Meter Steeplechase%^$1. Robert Gary Adidas 8:36.55%^$2. Fred Kieser North Coast TC 9:06.77%^$3. Florian Hild Frankfurt 9:08.60%^$4. JJ O’Rielly Ohio State 9:12.07%^$8. Josh Folger Ohio State 9:26.86%^$

%^$4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:07.90%^$(Courtney Cornwall, Thomas Dickson, Joel Brown, Andrew Pierce)%^$2. East Carolina 3:09.59%^$3. Washington 3:13.09%^$

%^$Long Jump%^$1. Roland Maghee Unattached 7.71m (25-3 1/2)%^$2. Chris Crawley Georgia Tech 6.90m (22-7 3/4)%^$3. Brian Fraser Georgia Tech 6.88m (22-7)%^$5. Billy Mills Ohio State 6.54m (21-5 1/2)%^$

%^$High Jump%^$1. Joel Perry Washington 2.13m (6-11 3’4)%^$2. Brad Hart Ohio State 2.08m (6-9 3/4)%^$3. Michael Massey Georgia Tech 2.08m (6-9 3/4)%^$5. Jeff Cerveny Ohio State 2.03m (6-6)%^$

%^$Pole Vault%^$1. Matt Deering Michigan State 5.20m (17-3/4)%^$2. Paul Terek Michigan State 5.20m (17-3/4)%^$3. Carles Dewilot Michigan 5.05m (16-6 3/4)%^$– Jeremiah Johnson Ohio State NH%^$– Seth MacCarter Ohio State NH%^$

%^$Shot Put%^$1. Kevin Toth Nike 20.02m (65-8 1/4)%^$2. Steve Manz Michigan State 18.05m (59-2 3/4)%^$3. Dan Taylor Ohio State 17.78m (58-4)%^$6. Jeff Matcha Ohio State 16.79m (55-1)%^$7. Justin Cavinee Ohio State 15.76m (51-8 1/2)%^$

%^$Triple Jump%^$1. Nosa Ehimwenman Ohio State 15.13m (49-7 3/4)%^$2. Joel Kelly Washington 14.66m (48-1 1/4)%^$

%^$Discus Throw%^$1. Carl Brown Throw Far 59.46m (195’1″)%^$2. Robert Hardin W.V. Wesleyan 51.68m (169’7″)%^$3. Dan Corleto BGSU 51.30m (168’4″)%^$4. Dan Taylor Ohio State 48.80m (160’1″)%^$7. Jon Norman Ohio State 43.74m (143’6″)%^$8. Justin Cavinee Ohio State 42.74m (140’3″)%^$9. Andrew Saurer Ohio State 37.36m (122’7″)%^$– Jeff Matcha Ohio State FOUL%^$

%^$# — NCAA automatic qualifying mark%^$@ — NCAA provisional qualifying mark%^$SB — season best%^$PR — personal record