April 22, 2017



April 22, 2017

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Clemson, S.C. – The fourth-ranked Ohio State rowing team held their own on the water at the Clemson Invitational, winning nine of ten races at Lake Hartwell against seven ranked opponents. The Buckeyes faced a slew of ranked opponents: No. 10 Virginia, No. 11 Wisconsin, No. 14 Washington State, No. 15 Syracuse, No. 18 Louisville, No. 19 Duke and No. 20 Indiana in the morning and afternoon sessions.

Starting off the morning strong, the Buckeyes captured victories in four of the five races in the morning session. The First Varsity Eight kicked off racing with a 5.6-second victory over No. 14 Washington State and five other boats. The 2V8 crossed the finish line in their fastest time this season (6:25.383), beating No. 14 Washington State and No. 19 Duke and four other opponents. The First Varsity Four continued the win streak with a 5.3-second victory in 7:10.679. The undefeated 2V4 easily claimed first, winning by a margin of 11.5 seconds. The First Novice Eight fought hard and claimed second place with a time of 6:53.337 against No. 14 Washington State, No. 18 Louisville and No. 20 Indiana.

In the afternoon session, Ohio State picked up right where they left off, earning five more victories and qualifying for the A Finals. The 1V8 improved their record to 7-3 in races and 19-3 overall with a time of 6:19.431. The Second Varsity Eight finished in 6:29.609 and beat the rest of the heat by a margin of 7.9 seconds. The 1V4 improved their time by 3.5 from the morning session and claimed an impressive 14.2-second victory over No. 19 Louisville. The Second Varsity Four never looked back in their 17.5-second victory in the afternoon session, improving their record to 7-0 in races and 18-0 overall with a season-best time of 7:08.7. The First Novice Eight also finished the afternoon session with a season-best time of 6:40.3, narrowly beating No. 10 Virginia by 1.4 seconds.

The Buckeyes will resume racing at Lake Hartwell tomorrow morning when all five Buckeye boats compete in the A Finals of the Clemson Invitational. The A finals are designated for the boats whom accumulated the most qualifying points in today’s races. Ohio State will begin racing tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. ET. 

Morning Session
Ohio State: 6:20.630
Washington State: 6:26.194
Duke: 6:30.454
Oklahoma: 6:31.676
Oregon State: 6:39.674
Pennsylvania: 6:40.106
Cornell: 6:46.174

Ohio State: 6:25.383
Duke: 6:28.847
Washington State: 6:30.251
Oklahoma: 6:32.349
Cornell: 6:37.175
Pennsylvania: 6:39.621
Oregon State: 6:54.844

Ohio State: 7:10.679
Duke: 7:16.027
Oklahoma: 7:19.843
Washington State: 7:22.251
Pennsylvania: 7:25.067
Cornell: 7:28.625
Oregon State: 7:41.533

Ohio State: 7:09.469
Duke: 7:20.947
Louisville: 7:24.826
Pennsylvania: 7:33.625
Navy: 7:37.133
Cornell: 7:40.819
Tennessee: 7:56.909

Virginia 6:48.549
Ohio State 6:53.337
Indiana 6:56.735
Louisville 6:57.995
Washington State 7:04.317
Minnesota 7:11.395
Clemson 7:13.071 

Afternoon Session
Ohio State: 6:19.431
Syracuse 6:26.684
Tennessee 6:33.420
Pennsylvania 6:37.124
Louisville 6:37.848
Clemson 6:42.396
Minnesota 6:42.558

Ohio State: 6:29.609
Syracuse 6:37.498
Louisville 6:41.118
Pennsylvania: 6:43.656
Tennessee 6:43.968
Clemson 6:45.442
Minnesota 6:46.112

Ohio State: 7:07.195
Louisville 7:21.356
Pennsylvania: 7:22.878
Minnesota 7:28.556
Syracuse 7:31.596
Tennessee 7:32.680
Clemson 7:35.300

Ohio State: 7:08.732
Syracuse 7:26.259
Pennsylvania: 7:31.409
UCLA 7:32.811
Tennessee: 7:40.709
UCF 7:44.683

Ohio State 6:40.255
Wisconsin 6:41.608
Louisville 6:45.193
Oklahoma 6:48.163
Washington State 6:49.383
Virginia 6:58.295
Duke 7:01.319 

First Varsity Eight (7-3 Race/19-3 Overall)
Second Varsity Eight (7-3 Race/19-3 Overall)
First Varsity Four (7-3 Race/19-3 Overall)
Second Varsity Four (7-0 Race/18-0 Overall)
First Novice Eight (3-4 Race/16-4 Overall)

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