COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State fencing team returned from the NU Duals this past weekend after finishing a combined 18-4 in men and women’s events, facing off against some of the top competition in the Midwest region.

The women kicked things off Saturday morning with an impressive 24-3 win over Detroit. The win set the tone for the day, as the Buckeye women finished 5-0, highlighted by another flawless victory over Lawrence, 27-0 in the fourth round.

In the second round, Ohio State downed Duke 19-8, propelled by the foil unit’s 8-1 performance in the match. The Buckeyes defeated North Carolina 21-6 in the third round before finishing with the win over Lawrence and a close 15-12 victory over Temple.

The Buckeyes’ success was mixed on Sunday. After a first round 23-4 win over Johns Hopkins, the Scarlet and Gray fell to Princeton 18-9, ending their run of perfection. A 22-5 win against Wayne State put the Buckeyes back on track, but it was short lived with a fourth round loss against Northwestern. The Wildcats, defeating the Buckeyes for the first time since Feb. 1, 2004, were pushed to victory by a strong showing of their epee squad (8-1) in the 15-12 victory.

Ohio State would go on to win two of their next three with wins over Stanford, 20-7, and UC San Diego, 22-5, and a loss to Notre Dame 16-11.

The Buckeye men proved strong on the weekend, finishing 9-1 overall. After defeating Stanford 19-8 and Duke 18-9, the Scarlet and Gray men’s only loss came in day one against Notre Dame in a run of three-consecutive 16-11 decisions. The first and third, against Princeton and North Carolina, respectively, finished in favor of the Buckeyes.

On Sunday, the men showed their prowess on the strips, winning by at least 15 in every match. They started off day two with a 23-4 win over Wayne State, followed by a 21-6 decision over Johns Hopkins. The Buckeyes then downed Lawrence and Detroit 25-2 and 23-4, respectively, before closing the event with a 23-4 win over host Northwestern.

Up next for the Buckeyes is the Midwest Conference Championships March 6-7 in South Bend, Ind.

Day One

Ohio State def. Detroit 24-3 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 7-2)
Ohio State def. Duke 19-8 (E: 5-4, F: 8-1, S: 6-3)
Ohio State def. North Carolina 21-6 (E: 6-3, F: 8-1, S: 7-2)
Ohio State def. Lawrence 27-0 (E: 9-0, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)
Ohio State def. Temple 15-12 (E: 4-5, F: 5-4, S: 6-3)

Day Two
Ohio State def. Johns Hopkins 23-4 (E: 6-3, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)
Princeton def. Ohio State 18-9 (E: 7-2, F: 6-3, S: 5-4)
Ohio State def. Wayne State 22-5 (E: 7-2, F: 7-2, S: 8-1)
Northwestern def. Ohio State 15-12 (E: 8-1, F: 4-5, S: 3-6)
Ohio State def. Stanford 20-7 (E: 4-5, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)
Ohio State def. UC San Diego 22-5 (E: 7-2, F: 7-2. S: 8-1)
Notre Dame def. Ohio State 16-11 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 4-5)

Day One

Ohio State def. Stanford 19-8
Ohio State def. Duke 18-9
Ohio State def. Princeton 16-11
Notre Dame def. Ohio State 16-11
Ohio State def. North Carolina 16-11

Day Two
Ohio State def. Wayne State 23-4
Ohio State def. Johns Hopkins 21-6
Ohio State def. Lawrence 25-2
Ohio State def. Detroit 23-4
Ohio State def. Northwestern 23-4