COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State wrapped up the first day of its trip to New York, N.Y., with a combined 9-3 record at the NYU Invitational. The fifth-ranked men finished 4-2 on the day while the 10th-ranked women logged a 5-1 mark.

The Buckeyes started the day against the hosting Violets, with the OSU men and women both winning with 21-6 scores. In the second round, the men were tripped up by No. 3 St. John’s, 15-12. The women were successful in an 18-9 decision with the No. 5 Red Storm.

Ohio State would sweep the next three rounds against Columbia, Stevens (men), Northwestern (women) and Yale. The 14-13 upset of No. 7 Northwestern was the closest of the day for the Buckeyes.

In the sixth round, the Scarlet and Gray were downed in both men’s and women’s competition by conference rival Notre Dame. The Irish hold the top spot in the men’s and women’s polls.

The Buckeyes will face off against St. John’s, Columbia, Harvard, Notre Dame and Penn State Sunday at the St. John’s Invitational. Penn State (1st), St. John’s (2nd), Notre Dame (3rd), Ohio State (4th) and Harvard (5th) make up the Top 5 from the 2010 NCAA Championships.


NYU Invitational
New York, N.Y.
Jan. 22, 2011

Round One
OSU def. NYU 21-6 (Men)
OSU def. NYU 21-6 (Women)

Round Two
SJU def. OSU 15-12 (Men)
OSU def. SJU 18-9 (Women)

Round Three
OSU def. Columbia 17-10 (Men)
OSU def. Columbia 16-11 (Women)

Round Four
OSU def. Stevens 23-4 (Men)
OSU def. NW 14-13 (Women)

Round Five
OSU def. Yale 15-12 (Men)
OSU def. Yale 23-4 (Women)

Round Six
ND def. OSU 18-9 (Men)
ND def. OSU 17-10 (Women)