March 2, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio ­- The Ohio State synchronized swimming team captured its 23rd-consecutive North Regional Championship Saturday at McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. The Buckeyes collected 96 points to edge Lindenwood, who finished second with 91 points.

Up next, the Buckeyes will travel to Palo Alto, Calif., March 20-23 to compete in the U.S. Collegiate Championships. Ohio State has captured the title for four-consecutive years (2009-2012) and is striving to secure its fifth-consecutive championship this season.

Yuliya Maryanko clinched the A Technical competition with a score of 85.981, and Julia Gaylard posted a score of 70.634 to capture the B Technical competition.

The event kicked off with the trio routine, where Lindenwood earned the top spot with a score of 88.667. The Buckeye trio of Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson and Paige Ramsey placed second in the event with an 87.167, while teammates Kayley Colville,Katie Spada,Khadija Zanottotook third with a score of 86.330. J. Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard and Samantha Golomb performed an honors routine and posted 83.000 points.

Ramsey and Maryanko were the top performers in the duet competition, earning a score of 88.833. Lindenwood’s Reem Abdalazem and Anouk Eman placed second with a score of 88.000. Competing as an honors routine, the Buckeye duo of J. Gaylard and N. Gaylard notched 83.667points.

In the solo competition, Maryanko posted a score of 90.167 to place second behind Lindenwood’s Mary Killman who was awarded 91.167 points.

The Buckeyes finished first and third in the team routine, respectively. The Scarlet team of Aton, Colville, LaBounty, Maryanko, Nicholson, Spada, and Zanotto earned 90.000 points to secure first place ahead of Lindenwood (88.833). The Gray team, comprised of Isabella Conrad, Jennifer Mann, N. Gaylard, J. Gaylard, Cory Justice, Caitlin Hoffman, Heidi Liou, and Kristine Irwin finished third with an 87.833.


North Regional Championships

Columbus, Ohio

McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion

March 2, 2013



1. Ohio State, 96

2. Lindenwood, 91

3. Minnesota, 60.5

4. Miami University, 59.5

5. Colorado State, 53

6. Carleton, 42.5



1. Reem Abdalazem, Anouk Eman, Mary Killman (Lindenwood), 88.667

2. Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State), 87.167

3. Kayley Colville, Katie Spada, Khadija Zanotto (Ohio State), 86.330

4(H). Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Samantha Golomb (Ohio State), 83.000

4. Audrey McMahon, Rachel Minor, Charlotte Alster (Synchro Swimming at CSU), 73.500

5. Mary Britton, Halley Novak, Breann Degrendel (Miami University), 65.167

6. Sarah Monaghan, Wanqui Yu, Deborah Zhang (Carleton Synchro Swim), 57.833



1. Yuliya Maryanko, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State), 88.833

2(H). Mary Killman, Dennise Ramirez (Lindenwood), 88.000

2. Reem Abdalazem, Anouk Eman (Lindenwood), 87.500

4(H).Carmen Salazar, Simona Plancha (Lindenwood), 83.833

5(H). Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard (Ohio State), 83.667

3. Erica Hegedus, Jeannie Peters (Miami University), 74.500

4. Audrey McMahon, Rachel Minor (CSU), 74.333

5. Ashley Gilles, Katelyn Osmek (Minnesota), 71.667

6. Mikaela Cherry, Alyssa Carson (CSU), 70.167

7. Lauren O’Connor, Kira Powell (Minnesota), 67.667

8. Megan Brant, Molly Wooten (Carleton), 65.500

12(H). Anna Moynihan, Sarah Van Valkenburg (Minnesota), 60.333

13(H). Lauren Barry, Hannah Gross (CSU), 60.167

14(H). Mckenna Casey, Allison Resar (CSU), 58.667



1. Mary Killman (Lindenwood), 91.167

2. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State), 90.167

3. Reem Abdalazem (Lindenwood), 89.000

4(H). Katie LaBounty (Ohio State), 85.000

5H. Heidi Liou (Ohio State), 83.833

6(H). Kristine Irwin (Ohio State), 83.667

4. Erica Hegedus (Miami), 74.330

5. Katelyn Osmek (Minnesota), 70.167

6. Sarah Denn (Minnesota), 68.500

7. Catherine Christenson (Carleton), 65.500

8. Rebecca Yoder (Miami), 62.000



1. Ohio State Scarlet, 90.000

2. Lindenwood, 88.833

3. Ohio State Gray, 87.833

4. Minnesota, 69.167

5. Miami University, 68.333

6. Carleton, 65.167

7. Synchro Swimming at CSU, 64.417