Nov. 29, 2006

COLUMBUS – While 105,000 Buckeye fans attended each home game this year, Ohio State University has been allotted only 16,000 tickets for the BCS Championship Game, to be played on Monday, Jan. 8 in Glendale, Ariz.

“Deciding how to distribute those tickets across our many different constituencies is a balancing act,” said Athletics Director Gene Smith, whose department manages ticket distribution. “The Department of Athletic tries to be as fair as possible in meeting the huge demand from, among others, students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, donors, media, boosters and season ticket holders. All of them are important to our athletic programs and our university.”

Students have in total about 2,800 ticket opportunities for the bowl game. Eleven hundred tickets were included in the first round of the student lottery, and another 500 are being used by students who signed on for the student/faculty/staff tour. In addition, many more tickets are set aside for students directly involved in the football program, including players, band members, cheerleaders, managers and others.

“We have had a phenomenal season on the field and off, thanks in large part those fans that have proven that they are The Best Fans in the Land. I am truly disappointed that we don’t have tickets for every student and every fan. In particular, I am disappointed we have only 500 tickets for our season ticket holders, may of whom have supported the team faithfully for decades,” Smith added.

The university allotment, distributed through Department of Athletics includes:

Department of Athletics Travel Party
Team (six comp tickets per athlete)
Coaches’ families
Department staff including team managers
University Representatives
President’s cabinet
Former trustees
Former presidents
Public officials
Key community and business leaders
Foundation Board members and major donors
Athletic Council
Student/faculty/staff leadership
Varsity O 1,200
Student lottery 1,100
Faculty/staff lottery 1,000
Faculty/staff/student tour
500 of these tickets have been purchased by students
Alumni Association 1,500
Regular season ticket holders 500
President’s Club/Buckeye Club/Development
Includes major donors to colleges and Athletics Dept.
Family members of credentialed media
Band 300
Buckeye Boosters 342
Contingency 358
Athletic Ticket Office Trouble Issues 100