Read OSU’s onCampus newspaper feature on Ohio State department of athletics

It’s one of the few collegiate athletics programs in the country that operate in the black (although it faces a small deficit this year) and it ranked eighth overall in a Chronicle of Higher Education fundraising survey of 55 college programs in the six major conferences soliciting donations during 2007-08.

Were it not for the department’s desire to continuously support OSU programs and projects outside of athletics, it most assuredly would have ranked higher in the survey and not come close to being in the red this year.

But Associate Vice President and Athletics Director Gene Smith said it has long been a departmental philosophy to be involved in the academic side of OSU, even before he arrived here in 2005. And he is always looking for new ways to expand that involvement, whether it be functional or financial support.

“On both levels, we’re unique in the industry because we constantly understand and think and operate with the understanding we’re part of the university and we’re integrated,” Smith said. “We try not to make decisions in an athletic vacuum.

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