Student club reaches out to disadvantaged school

COLUMBUS, Ohio For the fifth-consecutive year, the Ohio State Athletic Training Student Club celebrated March as the National Athletic Training Month by giving back to the Columbus community. Members of the club held its fifth annual Easter Egg Hunt March 13 for the students of Sullivant Elementary located at 791 Griggs Ave.

This year, as in the past, the athletic training students ran an Easter egg hunt for the elementary school’s kindergarten through third grade classes. The Ohio State club continues to return to Sullivant Elementary because the majority of Sullivant’s students come from underprivileged homes. More than 94 percent of the school’s student population is reliant on government issued meals. The athletic training club has found it to be a place where they can bring joy to the children’s lives each year. 

Each year, one athletic training student dresses as the Easter Bunny and helps the children search for the hidden eggs. In the Easter eggs, the children will find a slip of paper with a prize written on it. Prizes range from candy to school supplies, including easers, pencils, markers and more.

About Athletic Training at Ohio State
The Ohio State University is home to one of the most competitive athletic training undergraduate programs around the nation as only 20-25 students are accepted each year. In addition, it is one of the only programs to still allow athletic training students to travel giving them the experience of traveling and working with coaches and athletes independently.