February 7, 2018

NSD 2018: Early Enrollee Quick Quotes


Feb. 7, 2018

Matthew Jones, freshman OL
On playing time
It motivates me all the time. I see the posters of other (offensive lineman) on the wall and every day I have the same mindset that it could be me one day. It’s Ohio State and everything is about competition. Everything has to be 100 mph. Coaches want to see effort.

Master Teague, freshman RB
On other running backs
We are all talented and can learn from each other. My goal is to be the best I can be and contribute to the team. They tell me every day I’m getting evaluated. They’re helping me out a lot. The older guys have really helped me transition here.

Sevyn Banks, freshman DB
On potential of 2018 recruiting class
We can really do something and change something here. We just have to come together, work really hard and play football, do what we do best.

Matthew Baldwin, freshman QB
On being a QB at Ohio State
There are high expectations because that is a really good room. Choosing to come to Ohio State is a big deal. I’m trying to get in there and get in that family, because it’s really just one unit … There’s nothing given to you here. You have to earn it.

Dallas Gant, freshman LB
On the moment he decided to play at Ohio State
I just knew. I woke up one day (and thought) why wouldn’t I be a Buckeye?

On his plan coming in to Ohio State
Just trying to work hard. That’s all they care about. I go my hardest; I can go and I try to lead best by example and stand out that way.

Tyreke Johnson, freshman DB
On his approach early on
Just be a sponge. I’m taking over 2,000 mental reps a day and asking questions … I want to contribute to the team as much as I can.

On what it means to be a Buckeye
Being a DB at Ohio State means everything to me. We take pride and not letting our man get the ball.

On what sold him on Ohio State
It was the brotherhood. We have plenty of opportunity here and they’re going to develop you. Also the “Real Life Wednesdays” (program) shows that coach Meyer cares about you.

Tommy Togiai, freshman DL
On his early days as a Buckeye 
I really like the atmosphere and everything about Ohio state. It’s a pretty big culture change coming from not that big of a town.

On the early learning process
All the oder guys are pushing me harder and it’s great. I’ve worked with all the D-lineman. That’s a goal to get as much playing time as I can. Play as much spring ball and get some playing time on the field.