February 6, 2022

No. 8 Ohio State Battles Back Late to Win 19-14 at No. 17 Rutgers


COLUMBUS, Ohio – No. 8 Ohio State (7-3, 3-3) scored a couple upsets in the upper weights late in the match to knock off No. 17 Rutgers (14-5, 2-5) Sunday at Jersey Mike’s Arena in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Trailing 14-6, the Buckeyes won the final four bouts starting with a 19-8 major decision win for Ethan Smith at 174 to make it 14-10 in favor of the Scarlet Knights

Rocky Jordan then upset No. 7 John Poznanski of Rutgers (184/D, 4-3) before No. 21 Gavin Hoffman recorded another upset in downing No. 6 Greg Bulsak at 197 in overtime, 4-2. Hoffman’s win put the Buckeyes up 16-14.

No. 13 Tate Ordorff then secured the match at heavyweight with a 6-1 win by decision to give the Buckeyes the 19-14 team victory.

How it Happened

125 | No. 10 Mailk Heinselman (OSU) vs. No. 29 Dylan Shawver (RU)

Heinselman struck first with a takedown in the first. Shawver got the escape to head into the second period trailing Heinselman 2-1. An escape to start the second put Heinselman up 3-1 going into the third. Shawver escaped to start the third but Heinselman quickly added a takedown. Another escape by Sawver was not enough in a 5-3 win by decision by Heinselman.

133 | Brady Koontz (OSU) vs. No. 18 Joey Olivieri (RU)

Olivieri scored a takedown near the end of the first period to lead 2-0 after three minutes. He upped the lead to 5-0 with an early escape and takedown in the second and finished off the match with a 10-2 win by major decision.

141 | No. 20 Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) vs. No. 3 Sebastian Rivera (RU) 

Rivera led 6-2 after the first on three takedowns and a couple D’Emilio escapes. Rivera increased the lead to win the match by major decision, 20-6.

149 | No. 2 Sammy Sasso (OSU) vs. No. 16 Mike Van Brill (RU)

Van Brill recorded the first points (2-0) of the match with a takedown with about a minute left in the first. The lead increased to 3-0 on an escape early in the second before Sasso scored a takedown to make it 3-2. Van Brill was assessed a penalty for an illegal hold to tie the match at 3-all. Sasso took the lead in the third with an escape and a takedown to win by decision, 6-3.

157 | Isaac Wilcox (OSU) vs. Robert Kanniard (RU)

Wilcox took a 2-1 lead into the second period with a late takedown in the first. Kanniard tied it at 2-all with an escape and took the 4-2 lead with a takedown with two minutes to go in the match. After a Wilcox escape, Kanniard recorded another takedown to win by decision, 6-4.

165 | Kevon Freeman (OSU) vs. Andrew Clark (RU)

After a scoreless first period, Freeman scored first with a reversal but Clark recorded one of his own for a 2-all match going into the third. Clark escaped to start the third and added a takedown to win by decision, 6-3.

174 | No. 7 Ethan Smith (OSU) vs. Connor O’Neill (RU)

Smith had four first-period takedowns to lead 8-4 after three minutes. He led 12-5 after two and won the match by major decision, 19-8.

184 | Rocky Jordan (r-Jr.) vs. No. 7 John Poznanski (RU)

Jordan put the pressure on early but the match was scoreless after one. Poznanski scored an escape and takedown early in the second for the 3-0 lead. The advantage was 3-1 going into the third. Jordan recorded a reversal to tie it and got another point when Poznanski was called for locked hands for the 4-3 win by decision for Jordan.

197 | No. 21 Gavin Hoffman (OSU) vs. No. 6 Greg Bulsak (RU)

Hoffman scored first with a reversal in the second period to lead 2-1 after two periods. Bulsak tied it at 2-all with an escape but send it to sudden victory where Hoffman got the takedown for the win, 4-2.

HWT | No. 13 Tate Orndorff (OSU) vs. Boone McDermott (RU)  

McDermott escaped to start the second but Orndorff responded with a takedown to lead 2-1 with two minutes left in the match. Orndorff escaped, got a takedown earned a riding time point to win 6-1 and clinch the win for the Buckeyes 19-14.

No. 8 Ohio State 19, No. 17 Rutgers 14OSURutgers
125 | No. 10 Mailk Heinselman (OSU) def. No. 29 Dylan Shawver (RU) | D, 5-330
133 | No. 18 Joey Olivieri (RU) def. Brady Koontz (OSU) | MD, 10-234
141 | No. 3 Sebastian Rivera (RU) def. No. 20 Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) | MD, 20-638
149 | No. 2 Sammy Sasso (OSU) def. No. 16 Mike Van Brill (RU) | D, 6-368
157 | Robert Kanniard (RU) def. Isaac Wilcox (OSU) | D, 6-4611
165 | Andrew Clark (RU) def. Kevon Freeman (OSU) | D, 6-3614
174 | No. 7 Ethan Smith (OSU) def. Connor O’Neill (RU) | MD, 19-81014
184 | Rocky Jordan (r-Jr.) def. No. 7 John Poznanski (RU) | D, 4-31314
197 | No. 21 Gavin Hoffman (OSU) def. No. 6 Greg Bulsak (RU) | SV-1, 4-21614
HWT | No. 13 Tate Orndorff (OSU) def. Boone McDermott (RU) | D, 6-11914

Extra Match

133 | Dylan Koontz (OSU) def. David Campbell (RU) | D, 6-4

Up Next

No. 8 Ohio State travels to face No. 11 Minnesota at 9 p.m. Friday. The match will be televised by the Big Ten Network. The final home match of the year will celebrate the Ohio State senior class. Ceremonies will be held prior to the 1 p.m. start vs. Indiana Feb. 13 at the Covelli Center. For tickets call 1-800-Go-Bucks or go to OhioStateBuckeyes.com.


Edinboro Open (Feb. 6, Edinboro, Pennsylvania/McComb Fieldhouse

In addition to the match at Rutgers Sunday, several Buckeyes took part in the Edinboro Open. Freshman heavyweight Mike Misita finished second while classmate 157-pounder Paddy Gallagher placed third.

(Flerlage 1-2)
Jordan Titus (WVU) def. Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) | MD, 11-0
Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) def. Nicholas Minnick (BUF Unat.) | D, 7-4
Andrew Lucinski (BUFF) def. Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) | Fall, 2:51

(Gonzales 4-2/6th)
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Lucas Seibert (WVU) | D, 6-5
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Warren Shefield III (UofC) | TF, 19-2 (4:02)
Jackson Cockrell (UMD Unat.) def. Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) | D, 5-3
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Carter Bailey (LU) | SV-1, 6-4
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Vince Perez (CMU) | MD, 14-5
Raymond Lopez (Army Prep) def. Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) | D, 7-3

(Decatur 0-2)
Ethan Oakley (ASU Unat.) def. Jordan Decatur (OSU) | D, 4-3
Cameron Soda (EDIN) def. Jordan Decatur (OSU) | FF

(Gallagher 4-1/Third)
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Cameron Robinson (ISU Unat.) | D, 7-6
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Rob Boley (GAN)| Fall, 0:53
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Ethan Ferro (EDIN Unat.) | Fall, 4:20
Levi Haines (Unat.) def. Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) | D, 8-3
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Jaden Enriquez (MSU) | FF

(Hall 4-2/6th)
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat) def. Cay Bastian (BUCK Unat.) | Fall, 4:53
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat) def. Guesseip Hoose (BUF Unat.) | Fall, 2:37
Max Maylor (MICH) def. Bryer Hall (OSU Unat) | Fall, 1:05
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. Lucas Uliano (ASU) | D, 10-6
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. Christian Hansen (SC RTC) | D, 11-9
Evan Canoyer (SC RTC) def. Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) | D, 3-2

(Bell 3-2/sixth)
Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) def. Jack Wilt (LU Unat.) | D, 15-14
Chase Mielnik (UMD) def. Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) | D, 8-4
Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) def. Nicholas Meglino (PITT) | Fall, 0:50
Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) def. Spencer Steiner (CMU Unat.) | D, 7-4
Adrian Cramer (UMD Unat.) def. Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) | D, 6-1

(Boykin 1-2)
Jack Kilner (EDIN) def. Nick Boykin (OSU)| D, 4-1
Nick Boykin (OSU) def. Kevin Makosy (UMD) | Fall, 6:17
Garrett Joles (MINN) def. Nick Boykin (OSU) | MD, 8-0

(Stein 2-2)
Tyler Stein (OSU) def. Cameron Wood (CMU Unat.) | D, 4-2
Nick Lodato (EDIN) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | D, 6-4
Tyler Stein (OSU) def. Conor Maslanek (CAMP)| D, 7-2
Garrett Joles (MINN) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | Fall, 2:22

(Swenski 3-1)
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Karam Chakif (LU) | D, 6-4
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Simon Lato (CMU) | D, 3-1
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Brian Jackson (VMI) | D, 7-1
Nathan Taylor (LU Unat.) def. Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) | MD, 8-0

(Misita 3-1/Second)
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Robbie Unruh (BUF) | Fall, 1:27
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Keegan Nugent (MICH Unat.) | Fall, 2:28
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Victor Lacombe (LU) | Fall, 1:42
Nathan Taylor (LU Unat.) def. Mike  Misita (OSU Unat.) | D, 3-0