COLUMBUS, Ohio–The No. 7 Ohio State men’s gymnastics team lost its first home meet since 1991 Friday, falling to No. 2 Illinois, 214.375-213.525. The Buckeyes’ previous home loss was March 2, 1991, when they fell to Oklahoma, 284.15-281.50. Freshman Randy Monahan won the all-around competition as he edged the only other competitor, Illinois’ Wetterling, 52.725-51.850. Monahan’s score was a career best in the all-around surpassing the 49.90 he set against Illinois-Chicago Feb. 2.%^$

%^$The competition also saw three different Buckeyes taking three individual events. Junior Dick Huntwork won floor exercise with a score of 9.650. Also winning events were freshman Cody Trobaugh in vault (9.300) and junior Raj Bhavsar, who was competing in his first team meet of the season, in parallel bars (9.350).%^$

%^$Ohio State head coach Miles Avery said his team’s hard work since their last competition, Feb. 2 at Illinois-Chicago, did not show against Illinois.%^$

%^$”It didn’t look as if we had progressed at all since the Illinois-Chicago dual,” Avery said. “Our guys have worked hard and it just didn’t show tonight.%^$

%^$No. 1 Oklahoma, who was supposed to compete in the competition, arrived during the competition because of circumstances beyond their control and had to wait to compete until after Ohio State and Illinois finished their rotations. The Sooners completed and were judged on all six rotations. A rules committee will meet on a date still to be determined to decide whether Oklahoma’s score will count towards their season totals.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will next compete Saturday Feb. 23 in St. John Arena as they play host to Penn State at noon.%^$


Meet Results:%^$

%^$Floor Exercise Vault%^$1. Dick Huntwork, OSU 9.650 1t. Trobaugh, OSU 9.300%^$3. Randy Monahan, OSU 9.050 1t. Sean-Paul Crawford, UI 9.300%^$4t. Michael Evans, OSU 8.900 4t. Monahan, OSU 9.125 Jamie Houle, OSU 8.900 5. Bhavsar, OSU 9.100%^$6. Earnest Nelson, OSU 8.650 6t. Nelson, OSU 9.050%^$7t. Kerry Adderly, OSU 8.450 6t. Evans, OSU 9.050%^$ 12. Adderly, OSU 8.500%^$

%^$Pommel Horse Parallel Bars%^$1. Peter Shostock, UI 9.300 1. Bhavsar, OSU 9.350%^$4. Houle, OSU 9.025 4. Huntwork, OSU 8.700%^$5. Bhavsar, OSU 9.000 5. Trobaugh, OSU 8.400%^$7. Monahan, OSU 8.850 6t. Monahan, OSU 8.100%^$8. Huntwork, OSU 8.625 6t. Van Sickle, OSU 8.100%^$10. Ryan Schwartzkopf, OSU 8.100 10. Houle, OSU 7.650%^$11. Eric Van Sickle, OSU 8.075%^$

%^$Rings High Bar%^$1. J.G. Ketchen, UI 9.400 1. Scott Wetterling, UI 9.350%^$2. Bhavsar, OSU 9.050 4. Claman, OSU 9.050%^$4t. Monahan, OSU 8.900 5t. Monahan, OSU 8.700%^$4t. Mitch Claman, OSU 8.850 5t. Nelson, OSU 8.700%^$9t. Matt Smith, OSU 8.700 9. Trobaugh, OSU 8.450%^$9t. Huntwork, OSU 8.700 10. Houle, OSU 8.150%^$12. Van Sickle, OSU 8.600 11. Evans, OSU 7.000