COLUMBUS Ohio – The No. 7 Ohio State rowing team had a strong performance in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge Sunday on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir. Despite being swept by No. 2 Virginia, the Scarlet and Gray bounced back and posted four wins against No.14 Clemson.

The event was originally scheduled for a morning and afternoon session. However because of the prospect of extreme windy conditions, the regatta was moved up an hour earlier and the break between the two sessions was eliminated. The morning races began with the chilly weather, but the water on the river was calm.

The Buckeyes started the morning with a challenge vs. the No. 2 Cavaliers. The First Varsity Eight had the best performance, finishing second by just 4.11 seconds, clocking in at 6:44.46, while Virginia finished at 6:40.35. The First Varsity Eight stayed with the same lineup from last week of Ellen Heister, Allison Elber, Carolin Helmholz, Claudia Herpertz, Ulrike Denker, Claire-Louise Bode, Emily Walsh, Claudia Schiwy and coxswain Erika Benford.

While the Buckeyes may not have had the results they were hoping for in taking second in every race, except the Second Novice Eight which finished third, the Buckeyes gained valuable knowledge and experience on the river against Virginia.

In the second half of the competition Ohio State faced No. 14 Clemson. Despite the river conditions becoming choppy with the wind starting to pick up, the Buckeyes bounced back from the first session winning four races. The Second Varsity Eight, First Varsity Four, Second Varsity Four and First Novice Eight all won their respective races.

The Second Varsity Four (Katherine Tylinski, Ashley Dzurnak, Stephanie Johnson, Sarah Cornish, coxswain Kristin DiJosie) had the most impressive performance of the afternoon as they crossed the finish line at 8:12.78, nearly 30 seconds ahead of the Tigers. The 2V4 had a full boat length ahead of Clemson at the end of the first 500 meters of the race. The team had pulled to approximately 40 meters ahead by the 1,000 meter mark and won the race by a substantial time.

Despite falling behind at the start of the race the Second Varsity Eight started the team competition against Clemson with a win. The team came in at 7:15.28, 11.28 seconds ahead of Clemson’s 7:26.56. The Second Varsity Eight of Cori Meinert, Tess Prescott, Ingrid Aasaaren, Samantha Fowle, Mandy Merritt, Caroline McPherson, Anniken Ellingsen and Kate Sweeney were led by coxswain Samantha Getz.

The First Varsity Four (Jill Mohr, Emily Ralph, Lindsey Titus, Kara Shropshire and coxswain MacKenzie Pecor) shot out at the start of the race and were ahead by almost a full boat length at the 500 meter mark. The Buckeyes finished the race at 8:15.22 ahead of the Tigers’ 8:26.24.

The final victory of the day came from the First Novice Eight consisting of Katie King, Ellen Haas, Katy Cook, Lauren Eckles, Rixt Miedema, Brittney Wex, Lauren Franke, Sarah Corna and coxswain Megan Obrien. Ohio State took advantage of the steering issues by Clemson to pull ahead early. The 1N8 maintained the lead throughout the race despite struggling with its own steering challenges in the last 300 meters of the race. The Scarlet and Gray came in at 7:42.38 ahead of Clemson’s 7:49.14.

Ohio State will host its third-consecutive regatta, the Big Ten Duals, April 9 on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir. The Buckeyes will welcome Iowa, Indiana, Louisville, Rhode Island and Bucknell for the two-session event. The first session will begin at 9 a.m., with the second session slated to get underway at 1 p.m.

ACC/Big Ten Challenge
No. 2 Virginia, No. 7 Ohio State, No. 12 Michigan, No. 14 Clemson
April 3, 2011
Scioto River
Griggs Reservoir
Columbus, Ohio

First Session
V8: Clemson: 6:44.40, Michigan 6:47.94
Virginia: 6:40.35, Ohio State: 6:44.46
2V8: Clemson: 6:57.22, Michigan: 6:57.43
Virginia: 6:45.70, Ohio State: 6:51.60                   
V4: Michigan: 7:42.60, Clemson: 7:44.65
Virginia: 7:38.00, Ohio State: 7:47.59, Virginia (2nd four): 7:54.05
2V4: Michigan: 7:54.41, Clemson: 8:05.64, Michigan (3rd four): 8:18.43
Virginia (3rd four): 7:45.70, Ohio State: 7:51.64, Virginia (4th four): 8:24.25
1N8: Michigan: 7:17.12, Clemson: 7:27.96
3V8: Virginia: 7:17.10, Ohio State: 7:31.17               
2N8: Clemson: 7:29.00, Michigan: 7:31.81, OSU: 7:59.82

Second Session
V8: Virginia: 6:48.20, Michigan: 6:56.63
Clemson: 6:56.25, Ohio State: 6:59.60   
2V8: Virginia: 7:05.00, Michigan: 7:12.86
Ohio State: 7:15.28, Clemson: 7:26.56                   
V4: Virginia: 8:11.50, Michigan: 8:23.06, 8:33.85
Ohio State: 8:15.22, Clemson: 8:26.24   
2V4: Michigan: 8:29.33, Virginia: 8:04.50, Michigan (3rd four): 8:40.77
Ohio State: 8:12.78, Clemson: 8:41.64   
1N8: Virginia: 7:26.80, Michigan: 7:38.74
Ohio State: 7:42.38, Clemson: 7:49.14
2N8: Clemson: 7:46.90, Michigan: 8:04.18, Ohio State: 8:18.71