March 31, 2018

No. 6 Ohio State Wins Nine Races against No. 9 Virginia, Clemson


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The No. 6 Ohio State women’s rowing team won nine races in its first home regatta Saturday morning at Griggs Reservoir. The First Varsity Eight, Second Varsity Eight, First Varsity Four and Second Varsity Four swept both of their races while the First Novice Eight topped Virginia, Michigan State and Michigan.

The First Varsity Eight of Anjali Fernandes, Ida Kruse, Alexandra Nothdurft, Rachel Engel, Cassandra Johnson, Ida Petersen, Alessandra Montesano, Bridget Schodorf and Alice Riley edged Virginia in its early race by .67 seconds with a 6:08.2 before topping Clemson by almost 30 seconds with a 6:32.1 in its second race.

The Second Varsity Eight consisting of Emma Warns, Kaylee Koker, Leonie Heuer, Maddie Perrett, Morgan Hummel, Sierra Cydrus, Chelsea Harpool, Kimberleigh Warriner and Ashley Saba then bested Virginia by almost six seconds with a 6:20.4 before to 6:43.1 took the win against Clemson.

The First Varsity Four of Sophie Blair, Magdalena Bravo, Stephanie Gase, Sierra Tiedeand Anne Jachthuber topped Virginia by 6.78 seconds with a 7:08.6 in the opening session before a 30.1-second victory over Clemson with a 7:30.1 in the second race.

The Second Varsity Four – Helen Sudhoff, Kendell Massier, Rachel Serafy, Hannah Hitesand Julia Miklasevich – bested Virginia with a 7:18.7 before a 25.92-second edge over Clemson with a 7:42.8.

In addition, the First Novice Eight consisting of Sam Morrison, Rachel DeWitte, Michaela Nordhaus, Ally Hatton, Megan Cymanski, Lena Harper, Willow Wahlers, Alex Warning and Cailly O’Toole topped second-place Virginia by 4.08 seconds with a 6:41.8 ahead of third-place Michigan State and fourth-place Michigan.

The Third Varsity Four of Mary Thomas, Rachel Parker, Catherine McNutt, Bianca Piloseno and Madelaine Frendberg tallied a 7:26.18 to finish second behind Virginia and ahead of Michigan and Michigan State. The Second Novice Eight of Taylor Coalter, Kayla Kuntzman, Allison Abramski, Lilli Flinders, Emily Witker, Kailey Boomer, Michaela Price, Ashtyn Ley and Kim Ooten also placed second in their race behind first-place Virginia and ahead of Michigan and Michigan State.

Up Next
Ohio State takes on Minnesota and Wisconsin at The Dells, Wis., April 7.

Ohio State Lineup
1V8 (3-1)
Anjali Fernandes – Coxswain
Ida Kruse
Alexandra Nothdurft
Rachel Engel
Cassandra Johnson
Ida Petersen
Alessandra Montesano
Bridget Schodorf
Alice Riley

2V8 (4-0)
Emma Warns – Coxswain
Kaylee Koker
Leonie Heuer
Maddie Perrett
Morgan Hummel
Sierra Cydrus
Chelsea Harpool
Kimberleigh Warriner
Ashley Saba

1V4 (4-0)
Sophie Blair – Coxswain
Magdalena Bravo
Stephanie Gase
Sierra Tiede
Anne Jachthuber

2V4 (4-0)
Helen Sudhoff – Coxswain
Kendell Massier
Rachel Serafy
Hannah Hites
Julia Miklasevich

3V4 (0-1 in races, 2-1 overall)
Mary Thomas – Coxswain
Rachel Parker
Catherine McNutt
Bianca Piloseno
Madelaine Frendberg

1N8 (3-0 in races, 6-0 overall)
Sam Morrison – Coxswain
Rachel DeWitte
Michaela Nordhaus
Ally Hatton
Megan Cymanski
Lena Harper
Willow Wahlers
Alex Warning
Cailly O’Toole

2N8 (0-1 in races, 2-1 overall)
Taylor Coalter – Coxswain
Kayla Kuntzman
Allison Abramski
Lilli Flinders
Emily Witker
Kailey Boomer
Michaela Price
Ashtyn Ley
Kim Ooten