April 30, 2002

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All six boats from the No. 5 Ohio State women’s rowing team will travel to East Lansing, Mich., Saturday for the 2002 Big Ten Championship. The Buckeyes finished third in 2000 and second in 2001 and hope to take their yearly improvement one step further by winning the first Big Ten championship in program history.

Seven Big Ten schools will participate in the championship Saturday at Lake Ovid at Sleepy Hollow State Park. Three of the seven schools are nationally ranked including No. 3 Michigan, the No. 5 Buckeyes and Michigan State at No. 12, who is serving as host for the event.

As the Buckeyes prepare for competition, Ohio State head coach Andy Teitelbaum sites one goal for the weekend.

“Winning the conference championship, plain and simple, that is our goal,” Teitelbaum said. “That was the goal on day one and it is still the goal now.”

Chances for the Buckeyes’ first Big Ten crown seem viable as five of the six Ohio State boats are seeded either first or second for the competition.

“The problem with this conference is that you can race fast and have your best race and someone can still beat you,” Teitelbaum said.

To win the championship, the Buckeyes will have to fare well in all six competitions including varsity 8, varsity 4 and novice races, all of which count toward the final standings. Teams race in preliminary heats Saturday morning with the top two finishers in each race reaching the Grand Final and the rest going to the Petite Final, both in the afternoon. Depending on each boat’s finish in the finals, points are earned toward the overall standings, which determine the conference champion. Therefore, a balanced attack will be needed if the Buckeyes wish to leave East Lansing with a Big Ten crown.

“I am confident that we are going to be ready,” Teitelbaum said. “We are going to be rested and we are going to be ready to race our race plan”

Racing begins at 8 a.m. Saturday with preliminary heats for the second novice 8 competition. The event concludes at 2:45 p.m. with the first varsity 8 Grand Final.

The Ohio State women’s rowing team will see a familiar foe on the water Saturday. Rival Michigan will look to defend as Big Ten champions.

The Buckeyes finished second at the 2001 Big Ten Championship behind Michigan. In their most recent meeting, Michigan spoiled the day for Ohio State at the Buckeye Invitational (April 13). Ohio State’s effort was impressive except for a Wolverine upset over the Buckeyes in the first varsity 8 competition.

Ohio State head coach Andy Teitelbaum said avenging the loss to Michigan in the first varsity 8 race is crucial to the possibility of a Buckeye Big Ten Championship.

“Our goal is to win and it would seem from what we have seen that Michigan is the team to beat,” Teitelbaum said. “It is going to be extremely difficult to win if the (first) varsity 8 doesn’t win its event. The varsity eight is going to have to vindicate itself from earlier (at the Buckeye Invitational).”

The Big Ten championship Saturday marks the beginning of the road to the NCAA championships to be held in Indianapolis, Ind., May 31-June 2.

After the championships Saturday, the Buckeyes will take a week away from competition to prepare for the central regional finals in Oakridge, Tenn., May 18-19. There, the Buckeyes will face every team from the central region in hopes to qualify boats for the NCAA championship. If the team is able to qualify its first and second varsity 8 as well as its first varsity 4 boat, the team will be eligible to win the national championship.

The field for the NCAA championships was expanded from 10 to 12 teams this year, giving the Buckeyes a greater chance to vie for the national title.

The No. 5 Ohio State rowing team continued to display itself as a national power as it swept all competition at the Indiana Invitational April 20. The Buckeyes were challenged all morning by varsity boats from Indiana as well as club boats from Chicago, Marquette and Northwestern, but no team could overcome the Buckeyes. The only Buckeye boat not to win its race was the second varsity 8 which finished second only behind OSU’s first varsity 8.

The first varsity 8 finished with a time of six minutes, 32.1 seconds, nine seconds ahead of the Buckeye second varsity eight (6:41.9) and 32 seconds ahead of Indiana (7:04.9), its nearest competition. The Buckeye first and second varsity 4 and first and second novice 8 boats all posted victories as well.

“I’m especially pleased with the way the novices are racing,” Andy Teitelbaum, Ohio State head coach, said. “Indiana’s first novice 8 was a good boat and that is a really good win for us. That’s two weeks in a row now that they’ve beaten other Big Ten competition.”

Now in his seventh year at the head of the Ohio State rowing program, Teitelbaum has guided the Buckeyes to national prominence. With a record of 49-17, including a 4th-place finish at the 2001 NCAA Championships, Teitelbaum’s career record at OSU now stands at 176-96.

Schedule of Events

Morning Heats
8:00 – Second Novice 8, Heat #1
8:15 – Second Novie 8, Heat #2
8:30 – First Novice 8, Heat #1
8:45 – First Novice 8, Heat #2
9:00 – Second Varsity 4, Heat #1
9:15 – Second Varsity 4, Heat #2
9:30 – First Varsity 4, Heat #1
9:45 – First Varsity 4, Heat #2
10:00 – Second Varsity 8, Heat #1
10:15 – Second Varsity 8, Heat #2
10:30 – First Varsity 8, Heat #1
10:45 – First Varsity 8, Heat #2

Afternoon Finals
12:00 – Second Novice 8, Petite Final
12:15 – Second Novice 8, Grand Final
12:30 – First Novice 8, Petite Final
12:45 – First Novice 8, Grand Final
1:00 – Second Varsity 4, Petite Final
1:15 – Second Varsity 4, Grand Final
1:30 – First Varsity 4, Petite Final
1:45 – First Varsity 4, Grand Final
2:00 – Second Varsity 8, Petite Final
2:15 – Second Varsity 8, Grand Final
2:30 – First Varsity 8, Petite Final
2:45 – First Varsity 8, Grand Final
4:00 – Awards Ceremony

Second Novice 8

#1 Wisconsin
#2 Ohio State
#3 Michigan State
#4 Minnesota
#5 Michigan
#6 Iowa
#7 Indiana

First Novice 8
#1 Michigan
#2 Ohio State
#3 Wisconsin
#4 Minnesota
#5 Iowa
#6 Michigan State
#7 Indiana

Second Varsity 4
#1 Ohio State
#2 Michigan
#3 Michigan State
#4 Minnesota
#5 Wisconsin

First Varsity 4
#1 Michigan
#2 Michigan State
#3 Wisconsin
#4 Ohio State
#5 Minnesota
#6 Iowa
#7 Indiana

Second Varsity 8
#1 Ohio State
#2 Michigan
#3 Wisconsin
#4 Michigan State
#5 Iowa
#6 Minnesota
#7 Indiana

First Varsity 8
#1 Michigan
#2 Ohio State
#3 Michigan State
#4 Minnesota
#5 Iowa
#6 Wisconsin
#7 Indiana

Big Ten Chamiopnships
Ohio State Boat Lineups

First Varsity 8
Bow – Maxi Meissner
2 – Natalie Legge
3 – Didi Albrecht
4 – Conny Kirsch
5 – Heather Feldmann
6 – Franzi Scubert
7 – Kaja Fiserova
st. – Tanya Grigorieva
cox – Vikki Agate

Second Varsity 8
bow – Margot Shumway
2 – Amanda Spires
3 – Heather Arndts
4 – Megan McCartney
5 – Alex Leslie
6 – Anja Kalder
7 – Katie Buttine
st – Susi Wesenberg
cox – Ashley Orr

First Varsity 4
Bow – Maggie Kathman
2 – Liz Tuppen
3 – Nicole Ginn
st – Angie Wendel
cox – Laureen Ellison

Second Varsity 4
Bow – Christen Opperman
2 – Jess Dolle
3 – Devin Walsh
st – Merideth Corley
cox – Jamie Berning

First Novice 8
Bow – Christina Neveu
2 – Mimi Webb
3 – Jennifer Washco
4 – Mellina Musni
5 – Samantha Pfitzer
6 – Marisa Moldovan
7 – Casey Cook
st – Jessica Gittings
cox – Jessica Kress

Second Novice 8
Bow – Shauna Headrick
2 – Illaina Euvrard
3 – Shelley Payne
4 – Sydney Williams
5 – Shannon Mahoney
6 – Emily Super
7 – Marie Schmid
st – Courtney Hamilton
cox – Molly Ballman