May 13, 2018

No. 4 Ohio State Makes it Six in a Row with Sweep at Big Ten Championships


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The No. 4 Ohio State women’s rowing team won its sixth-consecutive Big Ten championship in commanding fashion, sweeping all seven races Sunday at Eagle Creek Park. The victory was the Buckeyes’ ninth overall after also winning championships in 2002, 2006 and 2011.

Ohio State took all 192 possible points, marking the first time a school has won all seven races since the adoption of the current format in 2013. Michigan followed with 163 points then Wisconsin at 118, Iowa at 111 and Indiana at 92.

“With 19 seniors on the roster, this really is a reflection of their leadership and their desire to leave a special legacy,” Andy Teitelbaum, Ohio State head coach, said. “They did that today and I’m really proud of this group.”

The Second Novice Eight of Taylor Coalter, Emily Witker, Megan Gibson, Allison Abramski, Willow Wahlers, Alex Warning, Erin Parker, Kailey Boomer and Lilli Flinders opened the day in the first race with time of 7:06.832, almost five full seconds ahead of second-place Michigan and almost 13 seconds in front of third-place Wisconsin.

Up next, the First Varsity Eight – Sam Morrison, Julia Miklasevich, Rachel DeWitte, Michaela Nordhaus, Ally Hatton, Megan Cymanski, Alex Warning, Michaela Price, Cailly O’Toole and Lena Harper – won their race at 6:55.738, three seconds ahead of second-place Minnesota.

The Third Varsity Four of Sophie Blair, Kendell Massier, Catherine McNutt, Hannah Hites and Michayla Binkley then notched a convincing win over second-place Michigan. The Buckeyes tallied a time of 7:28.402, more than 13 seconds ahead of the Wolverines.

The Second Varsity Four – Divya Batchu, Sierra Tiede, Bianca Piloseno, Rachel Serafyand Olivia Kwiecinski – took their race at 7:16.111 ahead of second-place Michigan at 7:22.043 and third-place Indiana at 7:30.631.

The First Varsity Four of Helen Sudhoff, Ashley Saba, Sierra Cydrus, Chelsea Harpool and Annie Jachthuber then followed with a win at a time of 7:13.262, almost nine seconds up on second-place Minnesota at 7:22.195.

Ohio State remained perfect as the Second Varsity Eight – Emma Warns, Kaylee Koker, Leonie Heuer, Maddie Perrett, Rose Carr, Stephanie Gase, Magdalena Bravo Alvez, Kim Warriner and Morgan Hummel – picked up a narrow victory over Michigan. The Buckeyes clocked in at 6:26.642, just ahead of the Wolverines at 6:27.604.

The Buckeyes then made it a clean sweep as the First Varsity Eight of Anjali Fernandes, Ida Kruse, Lexie Nothdurft, Rachel Engel, Cassandra Johnson, Bridget Schodorf, Alessandra Montesano, Ida Petersen and Alice Riley posted a time of 6:20.948, just ahead of Michigan at 6:23.022.

Toni Frappell, Indiana
Contessa Harrold, Iowa
Kendall Brewer, Michigan
Meghan Gutknecht, Michigan
Nicole Marek, Michigan State
Kortney Luedloff, Minnesota
Ida Kruse, Ohio State
Rachel Engel, Ohio State
Cassandra Johnson, Ohio State
Sarah Johanek, Rutgers
Lexi Siverling, Wisconsin

Hilary Shinnick, Indiana
Kaelynn Heiberg, Iowa
Hunter Koenigsfeld, Iowa
Flick Cain, Michigan
Kalia Krichko, Michigan
Lindsey Klei, Michigan State
Bee Lovick, Minnesota
Alice Riley, Ohio State
Lexie Nothdurft, Ohio State
Ella Toa, Rutgers
Megan Whitehouse, Wisconsin

Connie Brahm, Indiana
Baillie McCunn, Iowa
Emma Dietz, Michigan
Kasidy Higgins, Michigan State
Emily Appold, Minnesota
Sierra Cydrus, Ohio State
Mary Connelly, Rutgers
Monica Gerber, Wisconsin

With the win, Ohio State has earned the conference’s automatic berth to the NCAA Championships. The Buckeyes will travel to Sarasota, Fla., for the NCAA Championships hosted by UCF May 25-27.

Ohio State 7:06.832
Michigan 7:11.670
Wisconsin 7:19.598
Michigan State 7:20.458
Minnesota 7:27.719
Rutgers 7:30.914
Iowa 7:43.859
Indiana 7:47.649

Ohio State 6:55.738
Minnesota 6:58.904
Michigan 7:01.242
Michigan State 7:01.245
Wisconsin 7:06.259
Rutgers 7:12.994
Iowa 7:24.646
Indiana 7:27.519

Ohio State 7:28.402
Michigan 7:41.455
Michigan State 7:50.861
Indiana 7:57.865
Wisconsin 8:02.968
Iowa 8:04.466
Minnesota 8:10.195
Rutgers 8:17.931

Ohio State 7:16.111
Michigan 7:22.043
Indiana 7:30.631
Wisconsin 7:37.574
Rutgers 7:39.026
Iowa 7:40.719
Minnesota 7:45.852
Michigan State 7:48.630

Ohio State 7:13.262
Minnesota 7:22.195
Michigan 7:24.362
Wisconsin 7:28.645
Indiana 7:29.402
Michigan State 7:33.263
Iowa 7:33.848
Rutgers 7:38.264

Ohio State 6:26.642
Michigan 6:27.604
Iowa 6:30.463
Wisconsin 6:31.983
Indiana 6:35.841
Minnesota 6:39.932
Rutgers 6:42.329
Michigan State 6:46.335

Ohio State 6:20.948
Michigan 6:23.022
Iowa 6:24.668
Wisconsin 6:28.900
Indiana 6:30.742
Rutgers 6:32.461
Michigan State 6:35.593
Minnesota 6:37.772

Ohio State Lineup
1V8 (9-1 in races, 31-1 overall)

Anjali Fernandes – Coxswain
Ida Kruse – Stroke
Lexie Nothdurft
Rachel Engel
Cassandra Johnson
Bridget Schodorf
Alessandra Montesano
Ida Petersen
Alice Riley

2V8 (9-1 in races, 31-1 overall)
Emma Warns – Coxswain
Kaylee Koker – Stroke
Leonie Heuer
Maddie Perrett
Rose Carr
Stephanie Gase
Magdalena Bravo Alvez
Kim Warriner
Morgan Hummel

1V4 (10-0 in races, 32-0 overall)
Helen Sudhoff – Coxswain
Ashley Saba
Sierra Cydrus
Chelsea Harpool
Annie Jachthuber – Stroke

2V4 (10-0 in races, 32-0 overall)
Divya Batchu – Coxswain
Sierra Tiede
Bianca Piloseno
Rachel Serafy
Olivia Kwiecinski – Stroke

3V4 (3-1 in races, 13-1 overall)
Sophie Blair – Coxswain
Kendell Massier
Catherine McNutt
Hannah Hites
Michayla Binkley – Stroke

1N8 (890 in races, 33-0 overall)
Sam Morrison – Coxswain
Julia Miklasevich – Stroke
Rachel DeWitte
Michaela Nordhaus
Ally Hatton
Megan Cymanski
Alex Warning
Michaela Price
Cailly O’Toole
Lena Harper

2N8 (5-1 in races, 13-1 overall)
Taylor Coalter – Coxswain
Emily Witker – Stroke
Meghan Gibson
Allison Abramski
Willow Wahlers
Alex Warning
Erin Parker
Kailey Boomer
Lilli Flinders